Waterspider // Michael Darling

Michael Darling is a ridiculously smart human who surfs ridiculously good. In recent years since graduating university with a Mechanical Engineering degree, Michael has moved back to his hometown of Tofino and started his own company called Darling Manufacturing. It’s a small scale manufacturing, prototyping, and design company using a 3D printer and CNC Machine to create anything under the sun. He can to literally make you anything. From signs, soap dishes, crib boards, to his most recent endeavour, Spook (A eco-conscious spoon/fork utensil) with his good friend Malcolm Daly. You think it, and he will make it and does all of this while progressing his surfing every swell. Check out his latest edit ” WaterSpider” film over the last two years. .

Film & Edit – Marcus Paladino
Additional Footage – Nate Laverty, Mark Wyatt, Adam Chilton, Ben Gulliver and Kyle Flath
Color/Titling – Nate Laverty
Support – The Foggy Bean Coffee Co.