Video by @mike_dandurand

Away from the recent competitive hustle and bustle, last Saturday Vans conveniently planned its Beach Day in Tofino on international surfing day. The waves were mediocre, and the fog was looming, but the music was pumping and the vibes were high. Over the past few years Vans has carried it’s homegrown events to Tofino’s beaches spreading its love for the sport and culture. Starting with The Duct Tape Invitational that brought the best Longboarders Tofino has ever seen for the least competitive competition. The Duct Tape competition morphed into the following summers Duct Tape Festival; where members of the Vans team such as Dane Reynolds and the Gudauskas’s showed up with personal hand shapes for everyone chew the fat on fin and dimensions and to of course demo. At this year’s Beach Day, three local Surf Shops including Long Beach, Relic, and Storm were given two blanks each to shape whatever their selected team members dreamed up. There was some retro single fins, twin fins, and even a finless for all the beachgoers to demo throughout the day. All shapes were fantastic but without testing them and strictly by looks, we give our Vote to Long Beaches Yellow single fin.

Starting at 10:00 AM, the tents were up, and the beach began to fill in for the always needed and much-appreciated beach clean-up, followed by the most delicious veggie burgers and hot dogs hot off the BBQ. The groms were in full force snagging as much free merch and stickers they could get their sticky hands on while Vinyl Richie pumped out hit after hit keeping those in and out of the water vibing all day. Although there were many demo boards, it was hard to get your hands or booties on them as the moment the boards left the water; a hungry surfer was in line to be the next to test. So, we apologize for not documenting all the shop’s shapes, but it was for a good reason. Overall there were smiles all around with cheeky sneaky weasels in hand it was a perfect way to celebrate a day for surfing!

After the fog cleared and the hotdogs were consumed, the Vans crew cleaned the beach and headed to the Tofino Brewery for a night full of beer and video premieres featuring the Transition films, trip to New Zealand, and Dylan graves Weird Waves. After many frothy beverages and equal conversations about the surf, the Vans crew closed the brewery down for another great event and keeping the stoked alive. Cheers Vans see you next year.

Words and Photo’s by Kyler Vos