Why do people ride “ALTERNATIVE BOARDS”? Is it an excuse to not try as hard? The age-old rationalization is that you can’t surf a twin fin as aggressively as your standard shortboard.


I don’t buy it. This past swell Ben Woodford and myself challenged each other to only ride twin fins. What we learned was this, yes they do react a bit different but the fact is you can absolutely ride them as progressively and as hard as you want, maybe even they suit certain conditions better than our normal shortboards.

After riding a traditional Twin fin this last swell I would encourage people to try them out for themselves and this is coming from someone who pretty much wrote them off , but at the end of the day surfing should be fun and riding boards that you are having the most fun on are the boards of choice, whatever that may be old school single fins, foamies, finless or a piece of wood ride whatever puts a smile on your face.


Sincerely your recently converted ALT board guy,

Logan Landry


Images – Scotty Sherin