Kevin Schulz / Aaron Checkwood

The hype from the latest swell to hit California dominated the internet and hi-jacked our social media accounts. Ok, but how good was it really? We caught up with Kevin Schulz and Torrey Meister for their take.


Kevin Schulz /Mike Van Mierlo

Kevin Schulz – “This last swell was a long period WNW with an 18 or 19 Sec period. Long period swells like that can be kinda weird. There were quite a few spots that were too big but also some spots that were pretty small. For example, San Clemente was probably 4ft smaller than everywhere else because the swell was getting hung up on the outer islands. This was my first time surfing Seal Beach. It’s such a unique wave, it basically breaks on the shore. There were some crazy waves being ridden. I was lucky to get a few like this one”.

Torrey Meister / Dan Norkunas

Torrey – “This was my first time surfing Mavs, it was pretty terrifying haha. Monday was super big and messed up from a storm the day before. There were some massive waves coming in and it was really dark and eerie. I have never surfed waves that big in water that cold. I was a little timid at first but I saw all my friends sending it on huge ones. That got me super excited and I did my best to get a couple. After the waves got smaller, the conditions were absolutely perfect for the last 3 days. It got pretty crowded, so I opted to try the left. It’s one of the most unpredictable, hard to ride big lefts I’ve ever surfed. There were some crazy ones that blew my mind. I took a lot of beatings, but you could get the wave of your life. Mavericks is incredible. I had such a good time! One of my favorite big wave spots I’ve ever been to. I want to thank all the locals for being so welcoming”.