You may recall the hype around Ben Gulliver and Corey Adams film Surf Hunter, that took the $40,000 top spot of the Filmmakers Showdown this past May during the Rip Curl Pro in Tofino. After a little tweaking, Ben and Corey have released the trailer to their Surf Horror film to the public. Take a look above, we are so excited to see the full length film next year at the 2019 Pro.

From left to right. Ben Gulliver, Corey Adams, and Sheriff Jon Stewart.

Loosely based on a campfire tail, Surf Hunter started five years ago when a surfer snaked a wave and critically injured a boogie boarder. Once recovered that boogie boarder vowed revenge on all surfers. Armed with ancient hunting tools, he set out to destroy them one by one. Legend has it he is still out there to this day.


THE SURF HUNTER – Trailer from Ben Gulliver on Vimeo.