To celebrate the longest day of the year, we thought we would post the first Swell Gallery of the summer. Away from the hoards of soft tops and kooks, a select few took a gamble on the forecast and found a small slice of paradise. Although not all time, one cannot complain about a sunny day with an odd head high set.

Riders: Mathea Olin, Catherine Bruhwiler, Noah Cohen, Peter Devries, Sepp Bruhwiler, Kalum Temple Bruhwiler, Andy Jones, Jordy Gibson.

Photographer: Kyler Vos

Noah Cohen & Mathea Olin
Mathea taking the plunge.
Noah sneaking into an insider from the crowd.
Peter Devries stalling for shade.
Mathea Olin powering from the bottom to the top.
Long waits paying off for Andy Jones deep in a set wave.
Off the top featuring Pete Devries.
Clean lines by Sepp Bruhwiler.
Mathea Olin upping the game with a swooping hook turn.
Clean lines by Jordon Gibson.
Jordon Gibson.
Catherine Bruhwiler.
Pete displacing water as per usual.
Jordon Gibson
Noah Cohen above and below

Sepp Bruhwiler
Grab Rail – Noah Cohen.
Noah Cohen.
Sepp Bruhwiler.
All smiles from Mathea at the end of the day.