Slam Festival // Calgary

On the weekend of August 9-10th the Slam Festival returns to Calgary for the third year of surf culture delivered to you through river surfing, skate, music and art.

Slam Festival embodies the soul of our inland surf culture, inspired by the traditions that came before it.  This is where art meets recreation. Surf Culture is everywhere in the world but in Calgary, it lives in Slam.

This year Slam Festival will take place on the 10th St Wave. There are tons of events happening and most of it is free to attend!  Check out for all event details.

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The Alberta River Surfing Association and Surf Anywhere have been building

surf waves in rivers since 2007 with respect and consideration of our parks, community and environment. Upon that foundation this year The Alberta RSA is partnering once again with Quiksilver (hyperlink and local associations to bring surf culture to downtown Calgary.

Locals and travelers alike will be immersed in Calgary’s river surfing, skateboarding, music and art scenes in a weekend packed full of days of events. The list of events is extensive from skate contests, live broadcasts, mocktails on the beach, live music, live and interactive art, and of course, river surfing!

The City of Calgary already has a deeply rooted board sport community and

river surfing is proving to be the up and coming way to ride sideways. With grass roots taking hold, Calgary’s 14 year tradition of surfing rivers has become a model for inland surfing communities around the world. The development of the 10st Urban Surf Project will establish Calgary as a surf destination.


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