We reached out to one of our Senior Photographers for a Q&A in this weeks installment of Six Set Sunday. Zak Bush has been one of our most trusted contributors since the very first issue of SBC Surf. Zak’s career has exploded over the past few years, ultimately placing him in the ranks as one of Surfing’s Greats. 


Where are you, and what are you up to right now?

I’m in LA packing, I’m leaving for LAX in an hour to fly to Spain.

We have heard you have recently left your position at Outerknown?

Yup,  I left my full-time gig leading their creative team earlier this year. That said, I’m still close with those guys and love what they’re doing. We hope to keep doing projects together for years to come.

What’s it actually like getting a wave at the Surf Ranch?

It’s really fun! But kinda scary, not because of the size or anything but more because everyone is watching you. But how can you not have fun at a place that’s head high and perfect every day?

Are you trying to branch out from shooting surf stuff?

That’s a tough question because I do enjoy shooting surfing. I think the better way to describe it is that I think at this point in my life I like shooting stuff with purpose, I’d rather be surfing myself if not. 

We know you’re a bit of a “Foodie” who has better bites, NY or LA?

That’s a hard call but I would say NY, maybe because I’m living in LA at the moment. The grass is always greener on the other side. 

What pisses you off most about the photo world?

Counting quality of work with “likes”.

Do you ever see yourself moving back to Canada?

Depends what happens with Don…

What’s next for you? 

I’m pretty happy shooting at the moment. I’ve gotten to do some great work with friends in LA and NY over the last few months. The end goal is to live a life where I spend more time happy, I find that I’m happiest making work that I believe in, spending lots of time in the ocean, and surrounding myself with people that I love to be around. It sounds simple but it’s really dam hard


Check out more of Zak’s on his Website www.zakbush.com

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