Last week we had the pleasure of sitting down for a quick Q&A with the man behind the lens of The Transition Film series. Nate has had a hectic winter between commercial work which helps pay his way following Pete, Noah, and company, around the globe for filming for season two. Scroll down and get caught up with Nate and this year’s film.

You have been on a working mission this winter, between your commercial work and the second season of Transition, how has it been going?

It’s been a sick winter! Been busy, doing some fun things and going to fun places. I think if I had three standouts they’d be:

Pascuales with Noah Hanna and Marcus because we got fun waves but also was able to bring home two of the cutest little puppies who probably wouldn’t have lived if we didn’t.

Whistler in January with my terrific friends Jimmy and Bridget riding powder for a week. Probably my most fun week of riding I’ve ever had.

Jamaica with Jackson and Karinja for the Appleton Estate Rum brand. I just got back from this yesterday, and it was such an unreal experience. The locations we shot in created amazing visuals, but I also tried to get in with the people there and capture authentic moments through the daily routine of life in their culture.

What can we expect from season two?

Well as much as I’d like to keep it a bit under wraps so that we don’t ruin the surprise.

I will say there will be a stronger Canadian presence this year with a big section in the movie with a more extensive variety of waves we have here. There will also be a little more focus on the surf story and a little less on the Olympic/contest aspect. The main difference from last year’s film is that we’re going to be introducing a parallel storyline, one following Pete and one Noah. At times the storylines will intertwine, with them making some trips together.

Speaking from an editorial point of view, we receive many comments regard publishing similar content year after year of Pete, Noah, and company, surfing the regular local reefs and points. Will there, or have there been many trips outside of Tofino’s surrounding stretch of coast?

Oh, yea for sure. We’re sitting on hardly any footage from twins or DB. We did a lot further out this year than the typical spots. To your point though, I believe that if anyone’s getting good shots at the classics, run them! We consistently get the best feedback on the waves at DB and Twins.

Who are you adding to the roster this season?

So this year Pete came in full time as the main character with more of a role in the storyline which is epic. We also have Noah Waggy, Dane Gudauskas and Chris Hemsworth getting involved this year. We wanted to add a female to the mix too, so we brought Hanna Scott on a couple of trips also.

From many years of filming snowboarding, too now, switching over to surfing, what are the main differences you have experienced? Crews, weather, cost, localism, etc.

It’s been so rad, and honestly, a big learning curve making the switch to surfing. But, yea some definite points of difference in surfing. It’s pretty nice being able to shoot for a few hours, drink some coffee and sit around between sessions and then get back out for sunset. Last year we had some pretty good successes whenever we’d travel and had a lot of sound waves. This year I’ve been learning just how hard it is to score. The wind, seriously. The stupid wind has to be just right haha. Haven’t had many issues with localism but we don’t go to Hawaii. The PNW can be agro, but in my experience, the best guys who hang when the waves pump are down to share.

You have had some great reviews from Pete’s latest video Blackout. When can we expect a @Cohenscorner edit?

Yup, Noah’s segment is in the works right now.

Lastly, what would you like to see more and less of on the Gram?

I’m a sucker for good lifestyle shots. Let’s see some of those pretty faces and great lineups!

Shout outs?

Huge thank you to Pete and Noah for trusting me. They had faith in who I was and what inspires me in filmmaking, and that’s what made this possible. Telus has made everything possible from a financial aspect, and that’s been huge because making action sports movies these days is just a fantasy if you try to do it alone. Ripcurl, Storm surf shop and Shelter restaurant have also helped carry the burden and especially Ripcurl with being my liaison into the larger surf platforms to get people watching it. Thanks, Nick! I can’t say enough about Kyler Vos and Marcus Paladino for providing that much-needed water footage for the movie. Mostly Kyler who brings more than just that as my co-producer with his vision and years of experience in the surf scene here. Thanks to Maks Eidelson, Andrea Turner, Waggy, Atleo air, Curtis Parker, Mark Mcinnis and surfer magazine as well. Darcey for being Dez’s mommy while I travel and Thanks to all the people of Tofino, who are so supportive!