It’s Sunday, November 11, not only is it remembrance day, its time for another Six Set  Q&A. This week we sent Canada’s QS hot shot Kalum Temple some questions between his recent travels from Barbados to home, before jetting off to Austrailia for his next leg of his QS hustle. Scroll down and enjoy.

1. What’s your favourite part about living in Tofino and if you had move somewhere else where would that be and why?
My favourite part of living in Tofino is the proximity to raw, undeveloped nature. If I moved elsewhere I would move to Southern California because of the vast amount of good waves, talented surfers, and warm weather, or France because of the food and the waves.

2. Where was your last trip that didn’t involve surfing?
Since I started surfing, I’ve never been off the island and not surfed wherever I ended up on that trip. So I guess the answer is I don’t know haha. Unless Nanaimo counts as a trip hahaha.
Liam MacDonald Photo
Liam MacDonald Photo

3. If you had to give up your surfing talent for another talent, what would you choose?
Skateboarding, or music. I do both already but I wish I was better.

4. What’re your thoughts on post-secondary school?
I think that like everything else, it has its pros and cons. I personally had fun, and I think it is a good way to develop good social skills and keep you on track with your education.
Liam MacDonald Photo
Liam MacDonald Photo

5. If you could have one trick you don’t already have, what would it be?

What’s a trick that always gets you the wave of the set? That’s the trick I want hahaha. Or a Ryan Callinan style backside air.

6. If you could take any surfers style who would it be?
Andy Irons or Julian Wilson, they’re pretty much at the opposite end of the spectrum with Andy being 100% raw and Julian being 100% precision but I love both so to surf like either would be cool.