After a busy run of traveling the globe, we caught up with Hanna Scott for this weeks Six Set Sunday Q&A. From the Uk, Portugal, and France, to Nova Scotia and back home out west. Scroll down to view some great film photos and more from her travels.

Photo: Bryanna Bradley

Where are you at the moment?

On my maiden trip to the East Coast of Canada.

How are the Vibes out East, did the hurricane live up to the hype?

I’m really enjoying the vibes out here. East Coasters in and out of the water has been a genuine pleasure to meet and hang around. The hurricane hype….? 5 days ago I couldn’t answer this question because I was so deflated, convinced that a wave was definitely never going to arrive. An obscure and rogue punk song even emerged out of me from all the confusing free time we had camping during the flatness. Alas, some swell started to show up, and my brain exploded into tiny particles of joy, gratitude, and excitement. The waves were really fun! One of the places I surfed on my last day felt like I had teleported to my favourite wave in New Zealand, I didn’t know we had waves quite like that in Canada. The hurricane lived up to the hype.

Fill us in on your recent travels? 

It’s been fun! I spent August over in the UK and Europe competing in some QS events. I managed to finish rather early in each one, haha, so I had a lot of time to explore. I found amazing skateparks in beautiful places I never would have known about, visited friends in their hometowns scattered around France, and tested out all the brebis ( sheep ) yoghurts I came across. After the stretch of QS’s, I drove down to Portugal with my friend Margaux, her sister Aimee, and another Basque surfy friend, Balthazar. We were invited to surf in a Classic Longboard festival called Gliding Barnacles. Only two out of us four had our drivers licenses haha so it was a hefty drive, but we found some fun waves in Spain along the way, and the trees were all eucalyptus so we felt like we were in Australia for the night. Gliding Barnacles was such a nice way to end my time in Europe at because of its complete contrast to the other contests I had been at. This event was all about the music, art, and just sharing waves with lots of smileys, inspiring creatives. Almost every wave was a party wave, and they even ran the women’s heats at times when the waves were fun!

Photography @artinwreck

What are your views on the recent competitive push in Canada?

It’s pretty neat how things have been evolving lately at home. It feels like, rather quickly, the level of surfing has jumped up a whole bunch of notches. In my opinion, the younger kids are absolutely ripping, and that inspires the older crew to keep pushing and bettering themselves, and that keeps inspiring the younger ones! Haha! It’s super awesome!

After taking the crown of the queen of the peak a few years back, do you strive to get back on top?

Oh wow, I just love Queen of the Peak. I get so excited every year just to see everybody, to watch them shred, to watch the dog mayhem on the beach, and to hang out with all the wicked surfer women. It is such a special event, I can’t believe this is the 8th year! Of course, I’d love to get back on top!!

In your eyes who is the next female surfer in Canada?

Seeing the young surfer girls at home these days is the coolest thing ever. There is a pack of about 10 of them, and they all RIP! Serena, Keanna, Jasmine, Chloe, Aqua, Kayla, Toby, Zoe, Mack, and Ava and probably more! They surf together in a little crew and they cheer each other on and they push each other. It gets me so stoked to see this simply because when I was their age I never knew anything like that could exist! I didn’t even know another surfer girl on planet earth at their age. I’m really excited to see how they all continue to surf and keep being positive little awesome creatures and good friends. It would be hard to name just one of them, so I tried my best to list the whole pack!!

What pisses you off the most about social media?  

That’s hard to narrow down to one thing. I could go on a bit of a rant, but so could everybody, and we all still continue to use it anyway…I think the main thing is that it needs to be used very wisely. It’s so awesome when it’s used for sharing creativity and positive inspiration, but sometimes it can do the opposite. Many amazing things going on in real life are easily missed while all the human heads everywhere are awkwardly tilted downwards zoning out into an often fake reality.

Coming into winter months, where to next?

Winter rules! I’m excited to be in Tofino for lots of it and hoping to explore a few more corners around home. I’ll also be heading back to Peru with Team Canada to compete in the Pan Am Games in December, and I’ve got some plans for the new year involving a skatepark build with some friends overseas.