Originally from Rockhampton, Queensland, Chris Rosko Jordan has been living in Eastern Canada for almost a decade. The quiet father of two has slowly been assembling a unique portfolio of images – exploring shallow and mostly unapproachable waves of consequence and protecting more coveted local spots in the process.

Many surfers will remember his early contributions to the surf-forecasting website Magic-Seaweed – pictures of dangerous waves breaking over shallow slabs of rock. These images have undoubtedly inspired many a surfer eager to “get on the search” and explore new and potentially unridden waves.

Lately, Rosko has been working with a number of talented local surfers, contributing to the development of surfing on the East Coast. Though he spends most of his time behind the lens, Rosko is passionate about progression and has been known to ride heavy conditions equipped with a Gath helmet and a 7ft board.

I caught up with him one fall afternoon to talk story and mostly watch as he took photos of Logan McLennan. He graciously agreed to answer a few questions about the surfer’s path.

Full name: Chris Rosko Jordan

Where are you living?

Eastern Canada, South Shore of Nova Scotia

What’s your occupation?

I’m a father of two, husband, photographer.

How did you start taking photos? 

Mostly just to put something on the wall.

Had you heard of surfing in Canada before you moved here?

Yes, I had seen photos in an issue of Tracks magazine, and have always been keen to explore. I also saw the work of Scotty Sherin and other rad local photogs. There were a few powerful waves close to my hometown, and my father had a surfboard – I’ve always enjoyed looking for waves.

When did you first come to Canada?

Almost 10 years ago, my wife (who is Canadian) and I moved to BC, then we came east.

How did you first start exploring new spots and taking pictures?

I would drive around, mostly alone or with my first child, and check a few areas. I mostly tried to take pictures of unapproachable waves to avoid taking photos of more protected spots. I always try to respect the locals, and taking photos can be delicate in certain places.

Who have you been working with lately? 

Logan McLennan, Logan Landry, and Buzzy Stattner all come to mind. I’ve also taken some photos for @blacktunasurfboards and crew.

Logan Landry
Logan MacLennan

Any parting words?

I just want to say that I love the progression I have been seeing in the sport. It’s nice to see young faces in the lineup and hopefully, more youth can start getting involved in surfing out here on the East Coast. Thanks to all the locals, and to my family.



Words & interview – @selbyevans