Photo: Scotty Sherin

Ben “Woody” Woodford is the Core-Lord of Canadian surfing. Let me explain; Ben has had a beard since the ripe age of 13. He rides hand-me-down boards and wetsuits, absolutely charges, and doesn’t do it for the camera.  


How do you feel about the title of “Core-Lord”?

Pretty good! Logan Landry gave me the “Core-Lord” title this year on an Eastern Surf Magazine’s Instagram post from hurricane season. I’m embracing it.


What are three things you want the world to know about Woody?

Jeeze, I dunno. I make wicked pancakes, I prefer colder climates and big waves.

What jobs have you held down in order to fund your surfing?

Wow, this could be a long list. Currently, I am managing a pizzeria located on the Halifax waterfront. Before my pizza gig I have had a plethora of jobs; Bartender, server, masonry, various sales positions, carpentry, demolition, delivery driver, event supervising, and line cook. Just to name a few.


How many times did you ditch classes to go surfing in high school?

That was a long time ago so I don’t have the exact numbers. But it wasn’t uncommon for Logan to call me in the middle of class to tell me my home break was pumping and he was sitting outside waiting for me. So I would excuse myself for a “washroom break” grab my things and go. I think I got in trouble for that a few times.


What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

That would have to be watching a surfer fall on the takeoff of a good wave and me being in the perfect position to capitalize on their misfortune. It’s greedy, I know. Surfers are a greedy bunch when it comes to waves.


What do you love most about surfing in Canada?

I would have to say the endless amount of opportunity for exploration of our coastline. Especially on the east coast, we have so many good waves on any given swell that the options are endless if you know where to look.


Ok, What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to surfing in Canada?

Progression of the sport in Canada, especially on the east coast, seems a little stalled at the moment. It would be great to see the younger generation of surfers in the line up pushing the sport forward in terms of competitions and performance. However, I rarely see younger surfers in the lineup consistently. I hope this changes in the near future.


Do you have any big plans for 2019?

Haha, that’s a tough one. I feel like my life is a little stalled at the moment. I need to make some real changes in regards to my career path. I’d like to make healthier life choices. It’s not easy, I’m working on changing the small day to day things that add over time. Maybe check in with me again in the new year to see how I’ve done.


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