Hanna Scott or better known as Hoonie from her Instagram handle is the most positive happy-go-lucky humans you will ever meet. Her constant and contagious smile will turn anyone’s frown upside down in seconds and is up to surf anything, no matter what the temperature. She’s been on a travelling frenzy since signing with Vans, but we were lucky enough to sit down and catch up with her at home on Vancouver Island.

1) What’s up Hoonie? Where are you at and hows the surf?

Wassup Kyler 🙂 I am home in Tofino, its been snowing a bit and there have been lots of waves. Good time to be home:) 

2) To say you are well-travelled over the past year would be an understatement; give us some insight on where you have been and which were your favourite spots?

California, New York, Nova Scotia, Nicaragua, and Hawaii. My favourites would have to be Hawaii with the Vans crew and road-tripping with Margaux and Rini up and down Nova Scotia.

3) Your time at the Triple Crown looked to be pretty full-on. What did a regular day look like for you and the girls?

Haha sort of, yeah. Well somehow we girls got our own zone haha so we would wake up and have coffee talk most mornings for quite a while. We had a lot to talk about haha. Then we would go with the flow all day and go where you are supposed to go for whatever is happening. There are moments to surf, and moments where you need to be at certain things. Vans puts on a lot of events throughout the week, and most of them are supporting individual riders on film premiers and other stuff, so it’s cool because the whole team goes to support. 

4) Must be so fun to be included in such an awesome group of ladies in the family of Vans?

It’s a dream come true. I feel indescribably grateful right now to be able to work within a brand that so strongly supports creativity. They are all the best people that work there, and the team they have put together is full of people that are just awesome to hang around. I’m so stoked that Vans have created the girl’s team that they have, and we’re all stoked to get to work on more edits together.

5) You shaped a couple of boards for the Pua’ena Point Duct Tape Festival. Were these your first? How was the learning curve? 

These were my 2nd and 3rd boards. The learning curve is chill hahaha just kidding, shaping is frickin hard, and I have the most respect and admiration ever for people making surfboards. Can’t wait to make some more. The first board was a 7.4′ single fin with a pintail, and the second is a 6.2 twin fin with a moon tail, they are templates that Alex Lopez has been making me and I kinda wanted to make something similar to those because I have been loving those boards as of late. Alex helped me a lot; I imagine I would have to shape about 37 more boards myself until I had a clue what I was doing.

6) Fill us in on what you had under your feet on the North shore?

From Left to Right.
7’0 single fin by Alex Lopez. 
6’5 channel bottom twin by Alex Lopez.
5’8 Bonzer 3 by Campbell brothers.
5’6 rocket wide by Channel Islands.

I’ve just been enjoying having a lot more board under me. Alex made me this 7’0 for G-land, and then I hardly got to surf it because I got sick over there haha but I was super stoked to have it in Hawaii, felt great on some more significant days at Lani’s. Actually most of the time I was there, I rode the 6’2 twin that I shaped for the Duct Tape. I loved it! And knowing I wasn’t able to bring it home, I just wanted to surf it as much possible.

7) Where to Next? 

Oh my gosh, I don’t know!