Sitka, the iconic Vancouver Island-based surf brand has turned over a new leaf and will now be known as Ecologyst. Many may know the brand from their iconic 2nd peak hoodie, surfboards, skateboards, videos, or even their simple tree logo stuck on the back of many West Coast bumpers. The brand erupted in the 2000’s, with a stacked surf and skate team. They sponsored bands, and for lack of better words, paved their way from a barstool idea into a prosperous well-known Canadian company. Since then, Sitka has turned over many leaves, halting their surf and skateboard teams and some production and focusing their brand to locally made goods, fashion, and conservation. The brand is moving towards a new identity, away from the American Sitka hunting brand towards a local, sustainable company who values quality over quantity and the environment over pollution. Scroll down to read more from Rene Gauthier, one of the men who started and has been with the company since day one.

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New Name. Same Commitment.

Words by Rene Gauthier
The core of our brand has always been about fostering a deep connection to nature. In our early days, we did that by making surfboards. As we grew, we faced the reality of fashion’s disastrous impact on the environment—so we worked to eliminate plastics and petroleum from our product line. Today, we’re defining a different model—with natural materials, local factories, and a new endeavor to make our community co-owners of our brand.

Having changed so much in the business, it made sense to explore a name change to align with the values and purpose of the company.  Driven by the team and YOU, ecologyst was chosen.

So what does the word ecologyst mean to us? It represents a group of people who are dedicated to nature, and who recognize that we are part of the forests, mountain ranges, and rivers we play in. We couldn’t think of a better way to describe our community. As we step into this new chapter, we hope you’ll walk (or hike or climb) beside us—and work with us to take care of the wild places we love so much.

We’re keeping the Sitka tree as our logo, it’s our heritage, but ecologyst is our future, it shows that growth and sustainability can co-exist.

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