Introducing the latest addition to the O’Neill North America roster, Sean Foerster, who grew up in Costa Rica, has recently moved to Vancouver Island to compete and represent his Canadian roots towards the Olympics. With Nationals just over a week away we sent Sean a list of questions to find out a little more Sean and what he’s all about.

Photo: Keenan Bush

1)Tell us a little about yourself?

First off, thanks so much for your interest and the opportunity to be featured in your magazine.

My name is Sean Foerster, and I am 20 years young. I was born in Colorado Springs USA, but when I was about four years old, my parents decided to build a hotel in the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica where my passion for surfing started. Thanks to my Canadian roots, when I was 14 years old, I competed in my first ISA world junior championship in Salinas, Ecuador, representing Canada being the only person on the team at this time.
Besides surfing, I’ve always practised different sports and maintained a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been plant-based for three years now which is a big part of my training and very important to me.

2) You recently moved to Ucluelet, BC. Was the Olympic possibilities a push to test the cold waters? Or was this a long time coming?

It was a long time coming. Since Mini-grommets (sub -12) to Junior (-18) Category, I’ve always been national Champion in Costa Rica. But because I’ve always represented Canada in the international events, having a sponsorship down there wasn’t an option, so I’ve ever known for my career as a professional surfer to continue I would have to make a move to Canada permanently. But of course when given the news that surfing was accepted into the Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics and the opportunity to work with a prestigious brand like O’Neill made the decision a lot easier.

3) Besides the water temperature, what are some of the main differences surfing in Canada compared to Costa Rica?

Beside the water not much really. Playa Samara (my town in Costa) has a population of 2000 people so same as Ukee and Tofino, super small, and everybody knows each other and has the best vibes. They are both equally gorgeous, and the people are as welcoming as it gets. It’s my 5th year in a row coming down for the Canadian Nationals so I am finally getting the drill down and this time having three different wetsuits to get in and out of makes the motivation level goes up by 100.

4) It’s rare to find a flat day between the beaches of Ucluelet and Tofino. Was there a season back in Costa, where it would go flat for days on end?

Waves are equally as pumping down in Costa as Canada. Even when it’s small, it’s still good to get the little wave to grind on for competitions anyway.

5) You had some great success at the Rip Curl Pro, Nationals, and abroad at the Pan Am’s and ISA’s, did you compete much growing up?

I feel like I was super lucky to grow up in Costa Rica because the competitions never stop down there. Pretty much every weekend, if it wasn’t nationals, there’s a little comp somewhere in the country. So to be able to compete as much as I did help me experience wise.

Photo: Keenan Bush

6) Outside of the Nationals, do you have any plans of the QS or other competitions?

For 2019, I do not have any plans as of yet. I am just getting my feet settled living in Canada. But I might do some sneaky Qs’s down in Indonesia late season.

7) What is in your quiver? Do you have a go-to board set aside for Nationals?

Yes, my whole quiver is Lost Surfboards, Mayhem. And yes, of course, I have some magic boards in the back of the closet.

8) Congrats on the recent signing with O’Neill North America. How did this come about?

Well, I first met Jay Rosene when he put me on on his shoulder when I won my first Canadian national title. So I guess from there, he and I have had a special relationship and couldn’t be more thankful for him putting me on the team.

10) Any Canadian waves you would like to hit this summer?

Of course, I would love to get on a boat and go up the coast and scored a couple of secret spots. All the slabs are definitely on my list.

11) Outside of surfing what are some of your other hobbies?

Besides physical training I love to cook, skateboard, do yoga and going on hikes.

12) Any Shout outs?

Yes, I would like to give a massive shout out to Jay Rosene and the O’Neill family, Nixon, Lost Surfboards, FCS, Long beach surf shop and my friends and family for supporting me and making everything possible.

Thanks for sitting down and taking the time for this interview, good luck in the Nationals!

Photo: Keenan Bush