There is a new woman behind the lens, and her name is Rita Goldfarb. We recognised her elegant imagery loaded with beautiful light, speed blurs, and unique angles floating around the gram and wanted more. So, we sent her a quick Q&A and she a replied with images and answers the next day. Check her gallery of images and more below.
Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Rita Goldfarb. I am originally from the Great Lakes region of Ontario. 
I always knew I wanted a life radically different from the one I grew up with, and never felt like I belonged in farm country. When I was 17, I decided that was that. My best friend Sarah and I drove my car across Canada without stopping until we arrived in Vancouver. I chose BC because I could snowboard and have a hell of a time, but also get my undergrad from UBC. 
I’ve never looked back. I’ve spent the last 14 years on the west coast. Mostly on the mainland, the island and down in Oregon twice now. I’ve moved a ton …5 times in the last year to be exact. Every move I’ve ever made has been based on proximity to the ocean and mountains. I feel so fortunate to have been able to do this, but it’s also a lifestyle choice and one that has come with sacrifices and stressors. 
When did you start pursuing surf photography?
I’ve always been super visual and after undergrad I was back in school for Interior Design. I knew I was meant to be doing something creative, but nothing felt right until I bought my first DSLR. That was a little shy of 2 years ago and the end goal was always to shoot from in the water. 
There is an allure that the beauty of the ocean brings, and you can’t capture that without being in it. Being in the water helped me overcome a lot of fears and anxieties. The ocean has allowed me to feel calm when things were chaotic, and being behind the camera removed me from those thoughts and fears. Ultimately, bringing the two together just made so much sense to me.
Who are your top three favourite photographers?
Honestly, I’ve been the most inspired from the local photographers in Tofino. 
Locally some of my favourites are Marcus Paladino, Cristina Gareau, Bryanna Bradley and Keenan Bush. Coming from the same geographic area, but portraying the landscape and surf so differently. It’s really awesome to see their unique styles and perspectives.
We see you shoot a lot of females, is there a strong ladies contingency in the water where you are from?
I’ve been so thankful to my friend Bri, the founder of Sea Together Mag who introduced me to so many awesome ladies out here. I so appreciate getting to know an awesome crew of ladies here who are down to wake up at 4:45am with me…you know who you are and I am so thankful. 
There are two main groups/organizations that foster a sense of a female surf community and that is owed to Lauren, from Oregon Surf Adventures who hosts Lady Logger Nights throughout the summer and Sami Bones from Babes on Waves out of PDX.
You recently spent some time shooting around Vancouver Island, how did the surfing and vibe compare to your neck of the woods? 
Funny you asked. We actually used to live in Ucluelet before relocating back down to Oregon. The island is where I fell in love with the Ocean. Living in America, a lot of people tell me how friendly and polite Canadians are, the same could be said for the vibe on the island. There is such a strong community based on surfing and artists working together. I miss that here. While the Oregon Coast has an incredible art scene, it still feels separate from the surf community. To be honest, I don’t know if something that cohesive will ever really exists here. 
What type of camera gear do you regularly pack to the beach?
Canon 6D Mark II
Aquatech Housing
Canon 50mm
Sigma Art 35mm
Canon 100-400mm
I’ve also taken my Nikonos-V out a handful of times, which is always a good time. But it is annoying to get developed out here.
What interests do you have outside of photography?
I volunteer with these amazing organizations: 
-Surfrider North Coast
-Cannon Beach Arts Association
-Haystack Rock Awareness Program
-Clatsop County Animal Shelter
I’m trying to enjoy not moving and the new backyard we inherited — hot tub, fires, beers and hammocks. It’s nice to have a quiet place to retreat to when you live in a tourist town. I also sort of really like.. dogs…
Tell us one thing people don’t know about you?
My first camera was a Polaroid I-zone mini that MuchMusic promoted. When I was in grade 6 I begged my Grandmother to buy it for me for Christmas. I think it’s probably still kicking around in some box at my brother’s house in Ottawa.
Dream trip? 
I would really love to spend some time in warmer waters. I think a trip to Hawaii is on the radar for next year.
Dream Client?
As cheesy as it sounds,  spending time out in the ocean with my husband Jordan is the best. He’s been incredibly patient and extremely supportive of me. At points during our cross border moves I’ve been unable to work which has been hard, but also allowed me the time and energy to pursue photography. He’s also colour blind, so sometimes he can’t see what I see or what I create, which I find so fascinating. 
Thanks for taking the time and sharing your images!