The opening day of the 12th annual Rip Curl Pro Tofino saw the Pro-Men’s division take to the lineup as solid six-foot-eight surf poured into Cox Bay. With a diverse field consisting of Canada’s best pro’s, along with visitors from California and Barbados, this year’s was stacked with the most talent ‘The Pro’ has seen to date.

Perennial local stand out and record-setting seven-time Rip Curl Pro Tofino champion Peter Devries kick-started the day with an excellent ride in the opening minutes of competition. Devries, who doesn’t compete often, shows ready and focused each year the event rolls into town.

“It was fun but challenging conditions,” said Devries. “With a bigger swell like that it’s easy to get lost out there. There’s isn’t one defined zone to sit like there is when the waves are smaller. I was lucky that I got a good start right off the bat and I was happy to get the ball rolling.

“I’m feeling really good,” Devries added. “That first wave of the day felt really good and coming off a good result last weekend was good for me. I’m hoping I can just select good waves and keep it rolling.”

Not to be outdone by Devries, today’s highest heat total went to another Tofino local, Michael Darling.

“I wasn’t feeling pressure today,” said Darling. “The Pro is always an exciting event and I feel like I’ve had a bit of momentum from Nationals last weekend. I’m just trying to have as much fun as possible.”

With the opening rounds of both the Pro and Open Mens in the books, the event now shifts to welcome the Pro/Am Women’s, Masters 35+, Longboard Men’s, and Longboard Women’s during the Pro’s second day of competition.

This year’s Rip Curl Pro will see the inclusion of the inaugural Rip Curl Filmmaker Challenge, presented by Telus. Some of the Western Canada’s most talented filmmakers will present their Canadian surf film concepts, with the winner receiving a $40,000 grant from Telus to bring their concept to life.

Day 1 Pro Men’s Results: 

Pro Mens: Round 1: Heat 1
1st: Peter Devries (CAN) 15.17
2nd: Dane Mackie (BB) 13.77
3rd: Sean Woods (USA) 9.43
4th: Jeffery Spencer (CAN) 7.80

Pro Mens: Round 1: Heat 2
1st: Shannon Brown (CAN) 10.00
2nd: Jackson De Gruchy (CAN) 9.33
3rd: Jordy Gibson (CAN) 8.10
4th: Logan Maclennan (CAN) 5.10

Pro Mens: Round 1: Heat 3
1st: Michael Darling (CAN) 16.10
2nd: Logan Landry (CAN) 8.34
3rd: Reece Myerscough (CAN) 2.50

Pro Mens: Round 1: Heat 4
1st: Wilem Banks (USA) 11.97
2nd: Dane Anderson (USA) 10.17
3rd: Isaac Raddysh (CAN) 3.93
4th: Jeremy Bowery (CAN) 3.50

Pro Mens: Round 1: Heat 5
1st: Sepp Bruhwiler (CAN) 11.07
2nd: Elijah Fox (USA) 10.06
3rd: Frazer Mayor (CAN) 7.50
4th: Simon Bauer (CAN) 5.97

Pro Mens: Round 1: Heat 6
1st: Colt Ward (USA) 12.83
2nd: Kalum Bruhwiler Temple (CAN) 7.34
3rd: Tyler Muth (USA) 7.07
4th: Declan Lee-Smith (AUS) 6.66

Pro Mens: Round 1: Heat 7
1st: Cody Young (CAN) 13.67
2nd: Greg Urata (USA) 8.23
3rd: Ben Murphy (CAN) 7.76
4th: Sebastian Duque (CAN) 3.00

Pro Mens: Round 1: Heat 8
1st: Sean Foerster (CAN) 9.67
2nd: Fred Sanford  (CAN) 4.00
3rd: Paul Boskers (CAN) 4.00
4th: Daniel Rodriguez (CAN) 2.50

The Rip Curl Pro Tofino is supported by Telus, Coors Banquet, Spy Optics, Flor de Cana. In association with Aftanas Surfboards, Flexfit, Tourism Tofino, SBC Surf, Surfline, Coast Mountain Culture, The Zone 91.3, Surfrider Foundation and Pacific Coastal Airlines

For live heats and event details click HERE.

DANE MACKIE // Photo Kyler Vos
Judges Tower // Photo Kyler Vos
The Champ Peter Devries taking the top spot in heat one. // Photo Kyler Vos
Beach squad //Photo Kyler Vos
Sean Woods and Peter Devries // Photo Kyler Vos
Unfortunate news that prior Rip Curl Pro champions Noah Cohen and Kevin Schulz have backed out of the event due to back injuries.
Shannon Brown batting the end section towards his heat win. // Photo Kyler Vos
Beach Vibes // Photo Kyler Vos