Reed Platenius is on a roll. After a very successful competitive run over the past two years, Reed is currently competing at the Grom Search at Waco, TX after his recent signing with Rip Curl. Away from the jerseys and heats, Reed has been on a mission up and down the Vancouver Island Coast chasing swells from the local beach breaks to boat access points and slabs. We caught up with Reed and sent a small Q&A his way between his travels to Texas. Scroll down for more.

1. First off, Congrats on joining Rip Curl! It must feel good to have such a prestigious brand to recognize your surfing.

Thanks, ya to be on rip curl is a dream. All the people behind the brand have been amazing to me and have made this sponsorship feel like a family. I’m super excited to keep progressing my surfing with their sticker on my board.

2. You are in the middle of a big travel month, where are you now, where have you been, and where to next?

This month has been super sick! I started the month out with a couple of super fun trips around home chasing early fall swells and then went down to Encinitas to work on my surfing with coach shazza and a great group of Canadian kids. I’m in Waco Texas sitting in a Super 8 motel writing this. We came out here for some sort of wave pool… I saw a couple of clips on Insta, and I guess it looks kinda cool (haha). I heard there’s a water slide too! I’m here for a couple of days, and then I fly back to Huntington for the world juniors where I will be competing for Team Canada. Stoked!

Liam MacDonald Photo

3. How have the first couple of days at the pool been? How does it compare to a wave-like lowers or a good day at Cox?

This thing is nuts. We pulled up just after 6 am the first day and surfed it in the dark under lights. It doesn’t feel real. It’s nothing like any wave I have ever surfed and about as far as you could get from cox bay. Having Kevin with us is super sick. We definitely get treated really well because we’re with him. He knows so much about the pool and to say the least the kid can do an air!

4. We spoke about coaching with Shannon in your Check out interview in our last issue, how important is it to have a couch when traveling to contest?

For me, having a coach is a game-changer. Shannon is so good at calming my nerves and it’s just fun to travel with him. He always keeps me laughing and in a good mood. And from my experience, I honestly think he’s a world-class coach. Canada is really lucky to have him.


5. You are entered in the Rip Curl Grom search this month, being in the pool are you practicing mostly airs? Or are combos what you are going for the most?

Ya, I’m over the moon to get into the grom search national finals and i can’t thank Nick and Matt enough for this crazy experience. We had two privates where you can pick whatever waves you want. (We pretty much did airs the whole time.) Then I have 4 public sessions where they run the comp wave on which will be mostly combos.

6. Back to your new sponsorship with Rip Curl, you are now in my eyes amongst the best team in Canada. How is it traveling and surfing with the crew?

Ya, the team is so sick! Noah is the funniest nicest guy in the world and I absolutely love being around him any chance I get. He pushes me so hard and I love watching and learning from him. Mathea is like a sister to me… I’ve known her since she was like 2. She’s getting soooo good! And it’s always fun to be around her and learn from the way she carries herself and the way she surfs.

7. Any more dream trips coming up in the next year?

Not much more on the agenda. I love winter at home, and I can’t wait to chase swells up and down the coast in the cold with all the crew.

Thanks for the taking the time to answer the questions, good Luck in the Pool!