The Ladies are on fire! From the longboard, shortboard, to the Princess of the Peak division the competitors of the ninth annual 2018 Queen of the Peak did not disappoint. With major standouts from longboarder Leah Dawsons, giving the crowded beach a show that will not be forgotten with her amazing cross steps and soul arch to take first place. All the princesses were standouts with the Porter sisters, Jasmin, and Serina taking first and second place. The shortboard finals were as close as a heat could get with first place being only 1.50 points ahead of fourth place, but in the end, Mathea Olin took the top spot with her younger sister Sanoa in second and Bethan Zelasko from California placing third.

Shortboard Finals:
Mathea Olin – 12.50
Sanoa Olin – 11.83
Bethany Zelasko – 11.03
Hanna Scott – 11.00

Longboard Finals:
Leah Dawson – 16.00
Lydia Richard – 11.23
Robin Clark – 9.00
Amy Souza – 7.2

Princess of the Peak:
Jasmin Porter – 12.70
Serina Porter – 10.70
Chloe Platenius – 9.03
Aqua Bruhwiler – 4.05

Full results click HERE