Another amazing day of competition at the 9th annual Queen of the Peak at beautiful Cox Bay, Tofino. Starting the day at 8:00 AM, the Longboard division was graced with clean conditions through the tide getting through round two setting up the quarterfinals for finals day.

The shortboard division followed with some outstanding surfing by all the ladies, especially the Olin sisters, Bethany Zelasko, and Hannah Scott with the quarterfinal highest scores of the day.

Following round one of the shortboard division, one of the most excited parts of the Queen of the Peak weekend was watching the up and coming of females progressing the sport in the Princess of the Peak division.

Below for your viewing pleasure, the talented Bryanna Bradley caught the best moments from today’s action.

Finals day Schedule:

8:00am start time
Longboard Quarterfinals (4 heats)
Princess Semi Finals (2 heats)
Longboard Semi Finals (2 heats)
Shortboard Semi Finals (2 heats)
Princess FINAL
Longboard FINAL
Shortboard FINAL