If you haven’t heard of Harrison Newman Jardine, you probably haven’t been following the Canadian surf scene all that closely. Harrison or Harry has risen to the ranks as one of the premier Canadian surf photographers. His images have graced the pages of SBC Surf and other international publications for years. Aside from his talent behind the lens, Harry is a stand-up guy. We are excited to introduce Harrison into our Portfolio Series. Enjoy!


Who is Harry?

It’s true, Harry is… hairy. But, such is life. Harry grew up in Halifax and went to the same high school his mother attended almost 60 years ago.  They’ve since demolished the building along with all of Harry’s memories. The detentions in the asbestos-filled basement, the sports rivalries, and the multiple evacuations due to pulled fire alarms or some oddball spraying mace.  Harry Senior, put Harry on a tall ship for a month when he was just a young lad and ever since Harry has developed a love for the road. Working as a cycling tour guide while practicing his passion for photography. Harry now lives in Lawrencetown, making all the mistakes under the sun as he learns how to renovate the house he recently purchased. Harry is a happy


How did you come to be one of the premier surf photographers in Canada?

Thanks for the compliment. Clicking the shutter a few thousand times certainly helps. Making sure you’re always having fun, practicing your craft in the company of good friends, asking millions of questions, and being blessed with the support and knowledge of others. Finally, being kind to myself. It’s easy to hate your own work and with all the people in the world that will tell you your work isn’t good enough, the last thing I need is Harry beating up harry. Your work rules, regardless of whether anyone wants to buy it. Enjoy it and be kind to yourself.


What do you love and hate about photography?

I enjoy the adventure and friendship that it’s allowed me.   Some of my best pals are the direct result of working and having fun with them while trying to produce imagery and digital content. I struggle with all the technology involved. Certainly, the post-processing, coming home and trying to manage thousands of photos can be a drag. Always staring at screens and stewing over the most minute changes in the edit. I suppose I should go back to analog, and spend my days in the darkroom but I find this challenging when everything else in the world is instantaneous. It’s hard to find the middle ground.


Who inspires you?

Zak Bush and Chris Burkard are pretty darn good at what they do but I’m being entirely honest, I don’t really study the work of others. Friends and family inspire me, the concept of manifestation inspires me as does saying, yes.


What makes your work different?

Not entirely sure, I like to think it’s different because I took the photo. We are all so unique, to begin with, the second you pick up a camera and click the shutter the photo is already unique. Though, if I’m being critical, I do enjoy the aspect of my photography that portrays an element of design and simplicity. Wide open scenes with carefully placed and balanced subjects and lots of dead space.  Also, I believe that a big part of photography has to do you with your personality and ability to work with others. While the photographer might take credit for his/her image, there were likely several people behind the scenes that helped him/her achieve their goal. Clients, the crew on the trip, the person driving the boat, and surely the photographer’s subjects, all these people come together to make a great photograph. It’s the ability to communicate and befriend these people that is key and often overlooked.


What interests do you have outside of photography?

I enjoy being on the road, the late night or jet leg induced laugher when on a surf trip with your friends is the best.  Creating promotional videos as I work for Freewheeling Adventures. Guiding weeklong cycling trips around the world has been a real blessing. Most of my spring/summer/fall the last three years has been spent in remote places on two wheels with a bunch of retired type-A doctors and lawyers, entertaining them with my shitty Dad jokes that I get from my grade 6 students.

Have you been on, or planning any trips lately?

I teach grade 6 at the moment and March break is soon upon us. I’m trying to plan a trip somewhere warm with some mellow waves. Any ideas? Let me know, @creativeharrison


What’s next?




After my first year of teaching, I’ll have to reassess.  Can’t wait to get back on the bike. The company I work for just opened a trip in Mongolia…. Fingers are crossed. I also just purchased a house in Lawrencetown, learning how to be handy has been a very rewarding yet steep learning curve.

Tell us one thing people don’t know about you.

I have an unapologetically dislike of dogs. Eekkk, sorry not sorry.

** I don’t know, I’m bad at keeping secrets. Everyone knows that knows me, knows me.


What’s in your kit/bag?

Hand warmers




Panasonic GH5

Canon 5d3

50mm 1.8

70-200 2.8

150-600 2.8

24-105 4



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