Photography is a form of storytelling. We invite you to get lost in the beautiful adventure-filled landscapes told through the lens of Nova Scotia’s Adam Cornick. We are extremely proud to introduce Adam into our Portfolio Series.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I moved to Nova Scotia 10 years ago from Cornwall in the UK. My wife, who is from Canada, lived with me in the UK for many years. Eventually, she felt she wanted to move home. The deal was that I got to choose where, as her home of Ottawa is 17 hours drive from the ocean, so that wasn’t an appealing option for a surfer. We did some very basic google searches, pointed a finger at the map hitting Nova Scotia, and threw caution to the wind. We quit our jobs, sold all our belongings except surfboards and a backpack of clothes each, and set off as soon as my Canadian residency arrived. It didn’t take long to work out how massively underprepared we were for the task at hand of starting life over in a city where we knew no one, had no jobs lined up and had to start from scratch. Fast-forward 10 years, a lot of hard work and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to move here and the journey we’ve taken to get where we are today.

How did you get into photography? How long have you been shooting?

My relationship with photography has gone through quite a few transitions. It started in Art College many moons ago and began with an introduction to shooting film and darkroom processing. I loved the idea of working with film but the learning curve required to understand it, mixed with the cost while on a student budget soon put me off. Later, as digital photography took over the market and got to a point where the image quality improved, I got my first digital camera. I’ve been hooked ever since, and have been sharing my work in art shows, in print for the last 15 years and more recently, on social media. What started as a hobby is now my full-time profession.

How would you describe your work? What differentiates you from other East Coast or Canadian photographers?

My surf imagery is all about the landscape and the elements at play more than the action taking place. I like to stir up the feeling any surfer has had when they get their first glimpse of the surf on a morning when you think it’s absolutely firing : that “come around the corner” moment with your heart pounding and you’re praying the surf report was right. I can’t say it was a conscious decision to shoot in this style but more a case of capturing what excites me. Aside from my surf imagery, which doesn’t account for too much of my professional work, I shoot a lot of adventure/lifestyle and tourism work. Having a backdrop like Nova Scotia sure helps. For my commercial work, I’m also trying to produce imagery that invokes something in the viewer that makes them want to experience what they are seeing.

What other interest do you have outside photography?

Surfing will always be my main passion. I’ve been battling with injuries the last couple of years. I’ll be hoping to be fit again to enjoy any Autumn/Winter delights coming Nova Scotia’s way. My kids have started surfing now and it’s so fun to see that joy and excitement that comes from standing up on your first waves. It’s pretty infectious.

What’s next? Ideally, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you have any big plans or goals?

Being freelance. I don’t have much idea where I’m going to be in 5 days, let alone 5 years, to be honest! I’d love to keep shooting the content that I am these days. I couldn’t write my job brief any better which is a great feeling because 2 years ago, I was working a desk job.  It was the opposite to what I wanted to be doing. I don’t take one single day of this career for granted and I don’t think I ever will. One daydream I have is to open a gallery/studio.  I’d still like to print and sell wall art.  I love getting work hung on walls.

Do you have an all-time favorite image or shoot you’ve taken or been on?

I’d have to say the “Three Shades of Green” image is a favorite. It was captured during hurricane Leslie a few years ago when Nova Scotia was gifted with firing surf, warm water, and sunny skies, a combination we’re not always blessed with. Nova Scotia surfer Jacob Albury pulled the trigger at the right moment and it all fell in to place.  I ended up winning a surf trip to the Maldives in a Magic Seaweed photo contest, which was nice!

Dream trip, who would you take, where would it be, and why?

I’d love to go on a surf trip down South with the family and let the kids feel the warm ocean and realize you can stay in the sea longer than 20 minutes before losing the feeling in your extremities.


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