If you have not viewed Harrison and Dean’s new short “Perfectly Caffeinated,” we highly recommend you do so below. Based in Nicaragua, with a 70’s surf film vibe, Mikey Detemple and Lee Meirowitz join Dean Petty on a well-caffeinated surf mission through Coffee plantations and perfectly groomed tropical peaks. We caught up with Harrison who is the mastermind behind the film and tossed a few questions about the short his way. Have a look below.

Quick hits:

How many trips did it take to make the film?

Luckily just one.

The number of flights to get to Nica?

3 each way.

Cups of Coffee Consumed?


Number of Tubes made?

Many, but is it ever enough.

Number of broken boards?

0, feeeww.

Number of bottles of Rum consumed?

Ugh. I forget.

Number of sunburns?

0, we like to play it safe.

The number of revisions made to the edit?

Enough to break my computer.

Number of Prints hung at the premiere?



First off, for all those who don’t know Harrison Newman Jardine. Tell us a little about yourself?

 I’m a young filmmaker based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I enjoy creating surf related content but also work with a cycling tourism company creating videos of their trips to exotic locations around the world.  To keep things extra fun, I work as an elementary substitute school teacher. There’s no one more stoked than a group of 10-year-old kids.

How has your winter out East been?

It’s been a blast! We’ve had some consistent surf all winter long. Living away from the city in Cow Bay, within walking distance to the breaks, has been an incredibly peaceful and fun experience.

How did the concept of “Perfectly Caffeinated” come about?

Originally the edit was going to be a story about Dean’s entrepreneurial success and how it allows him to travel and surf, but we quickly realized that we weren’t much interested in Dean’s personal story. Who wants to watch another serious profile piece about a cool surfer. We also knew we wanted it to have some sort meaningful storyline and not just be a bunch of random surf clips; hence the coffee. We opted to stay true to ourselves and create something really fun and light. The idea/joke that coffee is the real success of surfing was a funny way to create a connection between surfing and coffee, and not just make it all about Dean.

Who is involved in the video and how was the crew assembled?

Mikey Detemple and Lee Meirowitz have been travelling to Nica for many years now; the last two years we’ve joined in. It’s a time to see old pals and completely relax. Every year a few new people join, and so whoever was there this year made it in the edit. Dean and I were sent out to create the content; Dean helped with the writing, while I filmed, edited, and narrated the piece.

How was the premiere at September Surf Cafe?

Our gallery and premiere at September Surf cafe in Montreal was a blast. The community of surfers in Montreal are so stoked and engaged, it’s really neat to see. We had an amazing turn-out and a hell of a fun night. Big thanks to the Mitch and the guys at September for hosting.

Whats next? Continuing with Deans endeavours is there going to be a Yeah Yeahs Pizza film “Perfectly full of Pizza”?

Depending on snow conditions, I’m hoping to create a short that will follow an older man from Cheticamp, Cape Breton as he goes on a multi-day cross-country ski trip across the highlands. Through his story, I’d like to try and inspire others to get outside and create deep meaningful relationships with nature.  Other than that I’m out there hustling for work. Excited to be collaborating with others and working on new projects.

All Photo and Video by  Harison Newman Jardine  follow him on Instagram at @creativeharrison

Dean Petty indulging in tropical hollow peaks. Above and below.

Golden hour quiver
Lee Meirowitz has no need for pain-killers when you have Nicaraguan rum

Cherry picking in the plantation.