During the recent solid run of swell throughout the Pacific Ocean, we caught up with one of the few Canadians chasing the big wave surfing scene. While on the route down the coast chasing Mavericks we sent Paul Boskers and his wife Kelley Brown a Q&A for this week’s Six Set Sunday. Scroll down and learn more about Paul and view some of Kelley’s great imagery.

Kelley Brown Photo

1. First off, who are you and where are you from.
I’m from Clive Alberta been a resident of Ukee for the past eight years; I am self-employed and new biz owner of Pacific Edge.

2. Being one of few Canadian’s chasing big wave surfing, how did you get into it, and why do you think its such a rarity in Canada?

Bigger surf appealed to me when I was living in Central America, decided on moving back to Canada for fewer crowds and new spots. Then travelling south of the border and surfing a proper big wave, I was hooked and obsessed ever since. It’s crazy how our lives go on hold when the forecasts numbers come together, it’s such a small window to catch these swells, and you have to be willing to put everything on hold for it, so that might be the reason why it’s such a rarity here. It becomes your life and for me to have a wife that loves the chase more than me, makes it that much more special.

Kelley Brown Photo
Kelley Brown Photo

3. We have seen some images of you charging some of the local beaches, have you ever went searching for new big waves off the beaten path?

I am really fortunate to have a photographer/wife with me everywhere I go. We have done our share of touring the island, but we still feel like we haven’t even dented what is out there. Guys like Raph Bruhwiler are a massive inspiration for me; he is the pioneer…the explorations he has done and the waves he’s surfed intrigued me. Not to mention the first Canadian to surf one of my favourite big waves south of the border. So yea the exploring never stops because there are endless possibilities with great rewards.

4. You have had some recent success competing in SUP divisions, is this a direction you want to pursue?

Yea the Sup thing has been crazy… I did a few contests and had some really good results.  After placing 3rd in the Nationals, I got the invite to China for the ISA World SUP Championships, unfortunately, I couldn’t go, but we ended up scoring some good swells so that made up for it.  I have been working with Cascadia Board Co. and am lucky enough to be a product tester for them as they are working on building more of a performance surfboard line. Lots of opportunities out there in this SUP industry.

Kelley Brown Photo
Kelley Brown Photo

5.  Would you consider yourself a waterman?

I like things simple and the ocean supplies that for me… It’s my sanctuary I guess you could say, were nothing else matters.

6. What’s next?

More swell chasing, as we just got back from a trip to Mavericks.  I got some fun waves there, I like meeting more people doing the same thing.  So we are just going to continue going to new spots each year. Next on the list of big waves to conquer would be Mexico, I would love to make it to Baja that’s just one that’s definitely one on the list!

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