Plenty Humanwear and OuiSurf, two Canadian projects, joined forces to organized a surf trip in Ireland last May.

Conquering challenges along the way, Ben Julien, and Rene try to capture the Irish swell, much wilder than the one they usually hunt under the palm trees. Their patience is key; the swell here is like a leprechaun – hard to catch, but once you have it, it’s magical! They travel through several film-like locations, dotted with green hills and castles to try to understand the dynamics of the waves in the hollows of its cliffs. It is in the local pubs that they’ll find reinforcement, if they manage to decipher the Irish accent that is!

Surf Mission

Catch Episode 1 and 2 of “Bon Voyage” here.

Oui Surf

Photos: Pierre-Nicolas Lessard