Weeks after the Rockaway Beach, Vans Duct tape and we are still reminiscing about the long nights and good vibes. We have been sitting on tons of content from the event, and thought we would slowly release some content without flooding the social systems all at once. A block away from the beach the crew started and ended each day in the Garden’s filled with camp fire smoke, food, and you timed it right, beer. For your viewing pleasure we have released a Portrait’s series featuring a few the faces of the game.

Portraits by Kyler Vos.

Eva Levy.
Ryna Burch.
Tosh Tudor
Troy Elmore.
Justine Mauvin
Summer Richley

Chad Marshal
Chad Marshal
tanner rozunko
Grant Noble
Kassia Meador.
Al Knost.
Karina Rozunko
Lola Mignot
Makala Smith.
Ainara Aymat.
Andy Neilbas
Hanna Scott
Dean Petty
Al and Ryan.
Hallie Rohr.
Kirra Seale
Margaux Arramon-Tucoo.