It’s hard to talk Canadian competitive surfing these days without mentioning Mathea Olin. We got the inside scoop on her recent debut in the WSL Bells Beach trials and the Rip Curl Nationals kicking off today!


1. Fill us in on some highlights from your trip to Bells?
There were so many highlights from the trip! Just having the opportunity to be there was terrific, thanks RipCurl! Getting to spend time with all the RipCurl girls, meeting everyone at the RipCurl office, getting to surf bells while watching all my heroes out there completely rip was insane!

2. You missed out by a small margin in your trials heat, how did the heat feel compared to contest such as Pan Am’s and ISA’s?

What I love about RipCurl is the family they include you! Getting into the main event was a massive goal of mine! You compete against a crew of girls that are like family, so even though I didn’t win I was beyond happy for Kobie!

3. What was the atmosphere like hanging with the international Rip Curl team at the Anniversary party? 

Rip Curl’s 50th birthday party was one of the best nights of my life! Getting to dress up and meet all my idols was insane! Being in the presence of all my inspirations was incredible! Getting to hear everyone talk and watch all the bells winners ring the bell was once in a lifetime experience! I’m beyond lucky to be part of such an iconic brand/ family!

4. Did you fan out meeting any of the elite members on tour or Rip Curl team?

Well of course! When I met Mick fanning, he gave me a hug and made my heart skip a beat! Who wouldn’t fan out though?!. But meeting all the CT people, there all so grounded and nice, it feels like your meeting just another friend who loves the ocean as you do, and that’s the truth of it!

5. Outside the trials did you have the opportunity to surf the surrounding breaks?

I tried to surf the breaks around bells a lot cause the waves are so fun there and that’s where all the CT people were. But I went up to Johanna a few times where I got to surf some really fun beach breaks with only a few guys out!

6. With a week until the Nationals, how is everything feeling?

Honestly, I’m feeling pretty good! Competing in the one heat in OZ made me excited to compete more! But also when I was in OZ, I went right on perfect waves for two weeks so coming home, surfing Wick, going left on every wave has been a challenge for me! But every day I’m feeling more and more ready and excited!

7. Whats daily routine look like leading up to the event?

Whenever I’m home I always have a bunch of school work to catch up on, so mainly school, surfing Wick every day, and doing a little bit of strength and mobility work! Testing out all my boards, making my body feel amazing and getting in tune the with tides, banks at Wick, resting and spending time with my family.

8. What magic board is under your feet?

I have two magic boards for these kinds of conditions right now!
I have a 5’9 sharp eye, holy Toledo! And I also have a new 5’10 ONE from Aftanas which feels incredible!

9. On the Men’s side, who do you think is going to take the top of the podium?

Omg, that’s such a hard question! There is so much talent from here, and just as much talent traveling here to compete! From watching all the boys that are here lately,  I would have to say, Pete! I’m excited to watch them all this weekend!

10. Any shout outs?
Massive shout out to RipCurl for giving me that insane opportunity in Australia! Thanks, mom for everything you do and good luck to everyone this weekend!