The legendary lensman from the Pacific Northwest has recently dropped a new website displaying his amazing surf imagery from around the globe. Unlike many, Mark has included each highlighted trip with everything from action, lifestyle, landscapes, and portraits, giving you the viewer the full tour behind each one of his trips. We sent him a little Q/A regarding his new site, gear, travels, and more. Scroll down to view and read more about Mark and his work.

To view his new website click HERE

1.Huge congrats on the new site! It’s above and beyond.

Thanks for the congrats, my friend. I appreciate that. It was a lot of hard work getting all the images ready, but I think it was even harder on Jessica and Rebecca, the two girls that helped me with the site, design and logo. It’s not easy having me as a client.

Who helped you?

Like I said, my friends Jess Metz and Rebecca Wilkinson helped me out a lot. It was a group effort. There was a lot of trial and error and back and forth until it was just right in my eyes, but we got there! I’m so stoked.

3. For those living under a rock, give us a little bio on who yourself.

I’m Mark McInnis. A surfer that thought photography would lead to more time in the water, boy was I wrong. Haha. If people really want to know my story, I’d send them here to watch the two videos.

5. How did you come to be one of the premier surf photographers in North America?

Oh gosh. I don’t even think I am one of the premier surf photographers. You’ve got guys like Grant Ellis, Nate Lawrence, Daniel Russo, Scott Soens, Patrick Trefz, and then the younger generation with dudes like Chris Burkard, Ryan Craig, Morgan Maassen and that’s just the West Coast. Out east is a whole beast in its self with Nick Lavecchia, Brian Nevins, Matt Lusk, Matt Clark, Ben Curr, Daniel Pullen. And then there are so many younger guys like Russell Holliday that are coming up and are just so creative and super technical. I don’t know where I fall, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near the top. And the world is moving so fast these days it’s like people are already forgetting what Art Brewer, Jeff Divine, Aaron Chang and Flame were doing. It’s just nuts how many incredible photographers there are that span all these generations. But I appreciate the compliment. I mean, I’ve never had a cover. I feel like you kind of need a cover to even be in the mix with the top dogs. Maybe I’m tripping, but I feel like I have a long, long, way to go before I could consider myself one of America’s premier surf photographers.

6. What part of photography do you like the most?

I love it all. Film. Digital. Whatever. It’s all so fun and creative. And I’m an impatient person, so I like the instant gratification you get with digital. That said, I fell in love with photography before digital was even a thing, so I also love taking time to study a situation and create a shot on film. It forces you to slow down and think.

7. Who is your favourite surfer to travel with?

Josh Mulcoy. He’s just my favourite surfer and, over the years, has turned into one of my closest friends. It’s pretty crazy to sit back and realise that one of your long-time heroes is one of your closest friends. I trip on that.

8. What would you like to see more and less of on Social media?

I’d like to see more real stuff. Like pictures of how crappy somebody’s day is instead of all this perfection. It’s all become so fake; nobody has a perfect life. I don’t care who you are. That’s what life is, a series of imperfections that make us who and what we are. It’s a beautiful thing. But all we see is the “best” of everybody. The best selfie. The best food. The best sunset. The best wave. Excuse my language, but it’s fucking boring. And I’m just as guilty as the next guy. There aren’t any pictures of me punching my surfboard or myself on my feed, and that certainly happens. And I’d like to see way less geo-tagging. I’d like to see none at all.

9. What interests do you have outside of photography?

Well, the biggest passion in my life is surfing. Period. I’m not that good. I’ve only made it out of a handful of tubes in my life. I’m 6’3” and look weird on a surfboard, so my style is pretty whacked, but I love it more than life itself.

10. What’s in your camera bag?

As far as digital cameras I’m a Sony guy. A9, A7RIII and the full range of lenses: 16-35, 24-70, 70-200, 100-400, 55, 85. And I use Salty Surf Housings for my water housing. They’re great! Small and lightweight, just like the Sony cameras.

11. Tell us one thing people don’t know about you?

My favorite music is rap and metal. But not, like, that radio metal garbage. Like full blown death metal and doomy sludge stuff. Metallica’s first album, Kill ‘Em All is pretty much the best thrash metal record of all time though. It’s hard to top. Especially when you listen to it and realise it was recorded in 1983 which means at least some of it was probably written in ’82 or maybe even ’81. That right there seriously blows my mind. I mean, there were heavy bands out there before Metallica. Like Black Sabbath and AC/DC, but Metallica took it a step further with that record. And it’s true, most of Metallica post-1988 is garbage, but that early stuff is 100% pure gold as good as it gets heavy-f’ing-metal.

12. What company do you dream to work for?

Oh man. So many. I think just any big brand that shares a vision with me. But another thing that people don’t know about me that pertains to this question is that I have an affinity for German automobiles, specifically Porsches. So, Porsche would be an absolute dream client. We’ll go with that. Porsche.

13. Where to next?

I’m in San Francisco on a commercial shoot right now. It’s awesome already. We just got here, but I love this city. The culture has changed a lot since I first started coming here, but I like the city itself. Great energy. And then New Zealand with Pete, Noah, Nate, and Dane! So fired up!

14.Shout outs?

My mom, Karen, is so epic. And both of my fathers (RIP). I had the two coolest dads. They were so different, but each one of them inspired who I am today in different ways. My girlfriend, Christina, for supporting me and letting me continue to chase my dreams all over the globe. Jess Metz for all her help with the new site. Rebecca Wilkinson for being such a boss and one of my favourite humans on planet earth. Marcus Sanders from Surfline for believing in my work from the get-go. Grant Ellis for inking some photos in Surfer over the years. That is always such an honour. Same goes with Scott Hulet, Jeff Divine and Shawn Parkin at The Surfer’s Journal. Those guys have been so good to me. It blows my mind how good to me Surfer, The Surfer’s Journal and Surfline have been.
Good people behind those outlets, that’s for sure. Raph Bruhwiler for inviting me on my first surf trip as a photographer. Lucas, Micah and Robin at Hydroflask. GP at Arcade Belts. Dario at Slow time. Holly at ProBar. Matt at Salty Surf Housings, Forrest at JuneShine, Jacob and Jake at Rhythm and Malachi at Route One Surfboards. Shoot, there’s too many to list. I’m so thankful to anybody and everybody that has supported me over the years. It’s ridiculous how much longer this could get. You all know who you are and I love every one of you. I’ll leave it at that.

To view more of Mark’s work, head over to his fresh new website by clicking HERE or check out his Instagram HERE.