Logan Landry // Isolation

Isolation sounds ominous to many of us. The thought of being alone and detached from a large population can sound uncomfortable. It highlights our insecurities and makes us feel vulnerable. Isolation does have an upside if you’re a surfer, it means un-crowded. Logan Landry’s latest edit is a black and white ode to the last frontier. We caught up with Logan for some insight into this elusive world of surfing.


Isolation sounds like a nightmare to most people, how does it make you feel?

I’m comfortable being away from large populations and crowds. The name Isolation isn’t just a reference to being away from people. It has a lot to do with where I grew up, as opposed to crowded Southern California or Hawaii like a lot of my peers.
The East Coast of Canada is very far removed from the surf epicenters, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I absolutely love where I live and I am so fortunate to make a career out of surfing in Nova Scotia and Canada.

What made you create an entirely black and white edit from cold water locations?

 I chose black and white so that you lose all distractions and surrounding noise. I love how the edit really focuses on the locations and the epic waves.  It has a very clean and classic aesthetic to it that really resonates with me, mostly a personal thing.


How hard is it to find and surf waves by yourself in this day and age?

Finding waves to surf by yourself isn’t that hard. You really just have to go off the beaten path. Sometimes you sacrifice conditions for an empty lineup and that’s ok, the more waves the better.


How do you forecast for these off the beaten path zones?

Forecasting for some of these locations can be a little tricky and hard to nail down. Just more a less time put in and knowledge gained from observation and some of the older rippers that have passed it down.

Do you find it hard to push your surfing when nobody is around?

Pushing your surfing is always hard. I am lucky enough to have some friends that are the best in the world and they really help to better my surfing. I think surfing with my close friends and watching them push their limits really inspires me too.
What other explorers or cold-water surfers do you draw inspiration from?
Man, the list of surfers I really look up to is a long list. Everyone can offer inspiration in their own ways. I think that’s why surfing is so cool, it’s so many different factions all tied into one sport or lifestyle or whatever it is. Watching a 90-year-old fella paddle out and catch a wave is inspiring. Watching Mike Ho paddle out in his 60s and get a nuts wave at backdoor is insane, so is watching 12-year-old kids rip a wave pool. It’s a hard thing to pin down but I think everyone offers something.

Aside from the usual camping gear, is there something that you never leave home without?

I try not to leave home unprepared, its the worst. Having the wrong equipment or clothing for the day can totally ruin it. So, I think just making sure I am fully prepared for the day is huge, whatever that may be.

Do you have any advice for those who want to pull out the map and start searching for themselves?

It’s your adventure, get out there with some friends and get off the beaten path and find something new to you. There is no right or wrong way to do it, just exploring and finding new places is super exciting and way undervalued.

What do you do if you encounter a bear?

If you encounter a bear good chances it will be gone before you even see it, at least in Nova Scotia.