On July 25th, the Andy Irons KISSED BY GOD Whistler premiere will be held at the Rainbow Theatre. The vision is to bring this film to Whistler with the mission to help the community with reducing stigma around mental health and addiction as well as providing a place to highlight the services available to the community.  We have partnered with Whistler Community Services to provide a platform for the important outreach they provide. Whistler Community Services would be both a beneficiary of any fundraising and a resource for the event in terms of outreach.

Andy Iros-Kissed by God is a film produced and licensed by Teton Gravity Research (TGR). It premiered in the USA in May 2018 and is currently on tour in the USA and internationally mostly through individually sponsored events.  The film follows surf champion Andy Irons’ life story and rise to enormous success in the surfing world while shedding light on his struggles with Bipolar Disorder and addiction and eventual tragic death.

We are looking for additional resources to make this a reality and we were hoping you may consider a contribution.

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