We like to introduce Ucluelet’s own Kat Rosene, who was kind enough to answer a quick Q&A about herself, family, training, and competing in next weekends Canadian Nationals.

Photo: Keenan Bush @tofinosurfphotography

1. Who is Kat Rosene?
I am Originally from Vancouver, I made a move to Ucluelet permanently ten years ago and have a couple of businesses that I hustle so that I can surf and live this dream life in paradise with my family.

2.Being a long time Ucluelet resident, what are some of the significant changes you have seen in and around the surf and surf industry?

When we first moved here, it was a lot of “transients” that were surfers. Older generations of families would head to Kennedy for “beach hangs” instead of our local surf beaches. That’s starting to change now. Younger families are moving in. Kids are beginning in programs like Tadpoles or Torpedo kids (a surf program to get kids in the water and surf). I wouldn’t be surprised in the next few years you’ll start to see some young talent come out of Ukee. We’re late to the party but were just getting started!

3. Congrats on joining team O’Neill, must feel great to be apart of such an iconic brand.

Thank you! I’m having a lot of fun with my surfing right now. I’m just going for it!

4. Outside of the water, what kind of training do you practice?

Training is my job and passion, so I’m lucky to be moving throughout my day with clients. I don’t restrict to just one style of training. Some weeks it’s running and classes at Tofino School of Fitness or the next I may be taking a course on some new fitness trend. I love it all!

Photo: Keenan Bush @tofinosurfphotography
Photo: Keenan Bush @tofinosurfphotography

5. Your family is very well travelled, where is your favourite spot to visit for surf and why?

We’ve travelled all over the world, but we always come home thinking of Baja. It’s our happy place. We’ve logged over 500 000km on our vehicles doing the drive but we still never get tired of it. The people, whistles of outside sets approaching, questionable street tacos, and warm teal waves capture our surf hearts.

6. As a mother of two, it must be difficult to find time for yourself, and your husband to have equal time in the water. How do you two cope?

We have an “up” system in place that usually works out pretty well. Whoever surfs first doesn’t get first up the next day. I try and surf at least 8-10 hrs a week, although Jay might say I do that in a day. We are pretty lucky to live, work and play at the beach with a rad group of friends that share them same ethos that we do. If it’s a passion, if it drives you and lights a fire, you make it work.

7. Are your daughters stoked on surfing?

Our eldest daughter is now at an age where she’s frothing to get out. If Jay is teaching surfing, she’s usually riding along in lessons and out there. Our youngest is wild, and I try to keep her above water. She’ll get slammed by a wave and pop up declaring she got barrelled. Heart attack!

8. With Nationals being just a few days away, have you been doing any prep towards your upcoming heats?

I’m still new to surfing and surf contests, so I try and watch heats and emulate what they’re doing. My best surfing is when I’m just having fun and not stressing about it.

9. Any special board set aside for the Nationals this coming weekend?

I’m notorious for hijacking my husband’s boards. He’s got some gems in his quiver. My most recent poach was a 5’9 Lost mayhem, baby buggy. Love it!

10. Any shouts outs?
Huge shout out to my Fam! Thanks, Jay for your unconditional support and letting me double dip even though it was your turn. You’re the best!
Dirk at Nixon and Leus.
Bill @LongBeachSurfshop has been the OG of supporters. I owe him way more thanks then just hashtagging can provide. Thanks, Bill and Di!

Good luck this weekend, Thanks for taking the time out of your day to answer the Q&A!

Photo: Keenan Bush @tofinosurfphotography
Photo: Keenan Bush @tofinosurfphotography