A little over a month ago I received an email with the subject headline reading New York invite. With the hundreds of spam emails, that I recieve daily, I had to take a second look to read that Vans was actually offering me a trip to the big apple to cover their Duct tape, at Rockaway Beach. Coming from small-town Vancouver Island, I was a fish out of water. But the Vans crew had the week locked down with daily events, gatherings, and the best goodie bag one could ask for. They made it feel like a family trip with some of the most legendary humans in the industry.

Fast forward to last Friday, my email reads “Hawaii Invite.” After a couple of days of shuffling my schedule and begging my wife to let me go, Here I am looking out of my beautiful hotel room at the lush Hawaiian coastline. Long story short they have been treating me like a king and I can’t thank them enough.

Yesterday was the Duct Tape Festival at Pua’ena Point, and much like New York, there were hand-shaped boards for the public to use, but unlike the usual duct tapes where they hold actual competitions, this was one huge family coming together to enjoy the beach and celebrate surfing. The waves were small but perfect in every way for the swan blow up toys and party waves. Music, drinks, and one epic DJ filled the day with nonstop fun. Canada’s own Hoonie ( Hannah Scott ) shaped two of her first-ever surfboards that look ridiculously fun alongside teammates Harry Bryant, Wolle Nyvelt, and Imaiakalani Devault. To better explain the day without blabbering on and on, Vans knows how to have a good time and I can’t thank them enough for including a tall Canadian in the mix. Mahalo

Photo Recap below.
Kyler Vos Photos.

Vans Duct Tape // Pua’ena Point