Dean Petty is one of those people that’s literally good at everything. Seriously, anything from rollerblading, badminton, fishing, skateboarding, and surfing. Style master gone coffee roaster / pizza aficionado, we caught up with Dean for this weeks Six Set Q&A.


Your Instagram handle is @buenolife_  . Can you define “The Bueno Life” and are you living it?

The whole “Bueno Life” thing actually came from the first little surf film I made with my good friend Andy Hines for the Atlantic Surf Film Festival. It’s all about being positive, compassionate and present with those around you. I feel very lucky and grateful to have landed on this planet and be living where I live, have the friends and family I have and get to have so much fun doing the things I love to do. I’m absolutely living my Bueno Life.


We know you have your hand in the coffee hustle, what’s the most obscure thing you’ve learned about everyone’s favorite bean or berry?

Oh man! The coffee world is so dynamic and interesting. Its one of those things that from a distance seems so simple… you drink hot brown water. But when you peel back the layers, there is so much going on at each level from production to roasting, to the barista. I think the most important thing that I have learned about peoples coffee enjoyment is that it is so subjective.  Personal preference and the environment that one is sipping in can have a huge impact on how it is enjoyed. I want coffee to be fun, simple and welcoming. I work really hard to make Anchored Coffee an approachable coffee company with no snobby vibes.


Aside from coffee you are also starting a Canadian pizza empire. Tell us about that.

It’s by no means an empire. It’s a super simple, fun-loving pizza place called Yeah Yeahs Pizza. It’s me in restaurant form. Haha. There are markers and crayons all over the place, super Nintendo going, fun music playing, people drawing on paper plates and to top it off yummy pizza getting crushed! We did have a wild opportunity to work with some pals in Toronto to open one there, and we are in the middle of our build out for a Barrington st. location in downtown Halifax. Pizza is so fun!


Does Pineapple belong on pizza?

I’m of the mindset that if there is balance and nice flavors, anything can belong on a pizza. I mean there is a line, but we don’t have any strict topping rules.


In terms of surfing, you have been riding Bings for a while now. You even have your own pro-model?

Yeah! Working with Matt and Margaret at Bing has been so great. I feel really spoiled to get to ride the boards that Matt shapes. Bing offers such a wide range of boards – shortboardy outlines, Logs, Mid-lengths, speedsquares… All the fun stuff, which is great for me because I love to be experimenting with all of it!


Two-ish years ago Matt approached me and asked about doing a model geared more towards East coast logging. That was a cool phone call to get. It was such a cool experience to work with Matt designing the Bueno Life model. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. My Coles notes on it are that it’s the perfect balance of Loggy and Loose.


How many fins are in your favorite board?


0, 2, 1, 3, 4? I like it all.


Any big changes, trips, or plans for 2019?

The most mega change for me on the surfing side of things is that I parted ways with Billabong after many many moons. Just want to say a huge thanks to everyone at Billabong for all the support over the years. I’m going head to toe VANS and couldn’t be more stoked! Fun things coming for sure! My plan for 2019 is to enjoy surfing and make sure its fun. Because it gets a bit weird when that stops being the case.


Alright, last one! Barrel or nose ride?

Managing to successfully locate a barreling wave and then actually make it out of one in NS is similar to locating a unicorn and then having it let you jump on for a quick rip around the block. I choose barrel. Guess I could have just said that and not talked about Unicorns.

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