For this week’s Six Set Sunday, we would like to introduce Curtis Parker, one of the most prominent characters in the game. He was born and raised in the Comox Valley, where he now runs the show at his family business, Parker Marine. When he is not slanging boats, he is surfing every wave Vancouver Island has on offer, from his secret river wave, tidal waves, and shallow reef slabs. He also recently won the O’Neill Wave of the Winter Photo Contest, and we thought it would be only fitting to send him a six set Q&A. Scroll down to learn more about Curtis and his addition to Herring.

  1. First off, congrats on taking home the O’Neill Wave of the Winter Photo Contest. You came up short on last years video contest, must be stoked this time around?

Thanks, dude! I knew threatening to set myself on fire would finally pay off.

Whatever it takes to win!

2.  Tell us about the East Coast Surf Club?

We all have signed non-disclosure agreements. But what I can say is if you even want to be considered you would have to surf naked while eating a pinecone of our choice.


3. Growing up you were more of a wake guy, when did you shift over to surfing?

Like ten years ago my buddy Nick Holatko got his drivers license, so we just started making road trips in his old rusty car “the red rocket.” Now all I want to do is surf, doesn’t matter what kind of surfing, the weirder, the better.

4. Fill us in on surfing the narrows or your river spot? How different is it compared to the Ocean or your Wake setter?

The tidal spots are interesting, huge whirlpools everywhere its pretty intimidating but when you see a head height standing wave, it’s pretty hard to not go for it.


5. Having the pick of the litter in vessels from your work, you have surfed close to all the main Van Isle breaks, where to next?

I’m just a rookie in the grand scheme of things. I would probably be dead if not for all the help I’ve had over the years from Sepp, Raph and Ryan Miller. There are still so many spots to explore. #MakePioneeringGreatAgain

6. Speaking of which, where are you hoping to go with team parker marine?

No major plans apart from helping the crew, and taking over the world via aggressive canned herring propaganda campaigns. #TeamHerring

Photo: @jeremykoreski
Photo: @marcuspaladino

Any shout outs?

Massive shout out to my boys at Brunswick seafood snacks. Even though they don’t “officially” recognize me in any way as a team rider, I am blessed to be their spokesperson on the water.