A better half of Ripcurls A team live the search to a perfect play full left point break somewhere in paradise.  
Amazing showreel from the hollow banks of France. Laurent Pujol has been very successful in the past year with his follow Barrel angle , giving a hole new look to surf photography. Check out his 2016 SHOWREEL .   SHOWREEL 2016 -...
Take Shelter Productions just drop Cold and Loveable a new video filmed in the pacific north west. Surfers include Cam Richards, Kain Daly, Albee Layer , Tyler Larronde. Cold & Lovable from TAKE SHELTER PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.
Timmy Reyes is one of the pacific north west most frequent flyers. His travels take him to very cold, and  for most, uncomfortable situations in search of uncrowded heavy waves. His new edit shows it all from bonking cohos to back...
    Last weekend Greg Long was crowned with his second Big Wave world Title.Video WSL
"O Cabra" Yago Dora "O Cabra" from AprimoreSurf on Vimeo.

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