Here’s a little something to sip your morning coffee to. Billabong's, The Escape From The Sunken City features Griffin Colapinto, Ryan Callinan, Jack Freestone, Creed McTaggart, and friends shredding through a classic Aussie escapade.
Zack Flores and Saxon Wilson take the pilgrimage through the Basque Country to the Joel Tudor duck tape invitational.
Between the QS and recovering from an ankle injury, Letty Mortensen joined Rusty teammate Jonas Tawharu for a strike mission to NZ and scored a rippable little North-East swell on the mid-South Coast of Dunedin.
For those that are excited for the winter season ahead, Eric Jackson's new full-length movie Alignment is one for you. Based in Northern British Columbia, Eric and company find the Alignment between two of their favorite pastimes. Californian Filmmaker, Hunter Martinez has released his latest short, "Program 3". This is just a teaser for the 2019 release of his full-length project "Lost In Thought". Watch Noah Wegrich (Waggy) and Nate Tyler tag-team some Central Californian sections.
Team Canada has now returned from representing our nation at the ISA World Surfing Games, and they did not disappoint. With many round 1, 2, and 3 victories, the team had a strong performance with Peter Devries taking an...

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