New video project on the rise from east coasts Logan Landry; from testing the waters of the QS to free-surfing around his home breaks, Logans been on a tear. With no real word on what to come with his... Here’s a little something to sip your morning coffee to. Billabong's, The Escape From The Sunken City features Griffin Colapinto, Ryan Callinan, Jack Freestone, Creed McTaggart, and friends shredding through a classic Aussie escapade.
Hawaiian Noah Hill dropped a highlight reel from his season in Australia. Check it out below.
Filmmaker Andrew Wyton is about to drop a new short film on Great Lakes surfing that raises awareness on keeping our lakes healthy, while at the same time features some amazing cold water riding by Justin Hembree, Daniel Steiner,...
Soli Bailey and Connor O’Leary fly south scoring empty peaks off the southern tip of Australia. Check out the edit above as they chase the rawest waves in Australia.  
Between the QS and recovering from an ankle injury, Letty Mortensen joined Rusty teammate Jonas Tawharu for a strike mission to NZ and scored a rippable little North-East swell on the mid-South Coast of Dunedin.

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