The final day of the 2018 Canadain Nationals did not disappoint, Sunday much like Saturday was full of blue sky’s with glassy waist to shoulder high conditions. The beach was packed to watch the Mens and Womens SUP Surf and Longboard divisions, as well as the U16 girls’ shortboard.

Starting with the U16 girl’s final, Canada we are in good hands, as these girls absolutely killed it! the Olin sisters took first and second, with Jasmine Porter and Aqua Bruwhiler close behind taking third and fourth.

Women’s Longboard was a close one, with perfect glassy conditions Hanna Scott and Lyndia Ricard was just shy of Mathea Olin by less than a single point. Much like the Women, the Mens was a nail bitter with Reed Platenius missing his second national crown of the weekend by half a point to Christian Thomas scoring 12.03.

In the SUP Surf categories, Catherine Bruhwiler took home the Crown and yellow jersey with a score of 11.73, as the Spencer brothers took the top of the podium with 12.07 and a 9.23.

For images and results from Sunday of the Nationals scroll down.

U16 Girls:

1.Mathea Solei Dempfte-Olin – 11.90
2. Sanoa Passion Dempfte-Olin – 9.20
3. Jasmine Porter – 5.47
4. Aqua Bruhwiler – 3.96

Longboard Women:

1.Mathea Solei Dempfte-Olin – 11.60
2.Lydia Ricard – 10.90
3.Hanna Scott – 10.53
4.Leah Oke – 8.93

Surf Sup Womens:

Catherine Bruhwiler – 11.73
Kristy Wright Schell – 5.94
Lise Marie Richard – 4.67

Longboard Men:

  1. Christian Thomson – 12.03
  2. Reed Platenius – 11.67
  3. Jean-Laurence Vachon Vigneault – 10.47
  4. Jeremy Bowery – 6.60

SUP Surf Men’:

1.Jeffrey Spencer – 12.07
2.Finn Spencer –  9.23
3.Paul Boskers – 6.50
4.Adam Schell- 6.23

Photography by Bryanna Bradley