Camel Finds Water // Trevor Gordon

Trevor Gordons latest edit “Camel Finds Water,” features a large dream and many hours (a thousand to be exact) of hard work and restoration, taking an old sunken hull from its grave and converting it into one ridiculously good looking seaworthy surf vessel.

Follow Captain Trevor Gordon and first mate Tosh Clements as they take the “Camel” on its maiden voyage, north to Vancouver Island, BC, for some uncrowded peaks before the wet low pressure systems would spoil their adventure.


Supported by: Danner, Taylor Stitch, St. Archer Brewery and Feral

Direction, Cinematography & Editing:
Building & Surfing:
Cinematography: Erin Feinblatt
Additional Cinematography: Jeremy Koreski, Donnie Hedden and Will Adler
Narration: Tyler Walker
Editing: Fidel Ruiz-Healy and Tyler Walker
Graphics: Corey Ellis, Tommy Shimko
Music: Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, John Jacob Niles and Björn Olsson
Helping hands: Tosh Clements, Brandon Smith, Erin Feinblatt, Miles Jackler, Matt Wier, Spencer Gordon, Scott Gordon, Ryan Lovelace, Maddie Gordon, Ole Kils, Sarah Kils, Leo Basica, Joanne Gordon, Taiana Giefer, Taylor Clements, Jeff Clark, Donnie Hedden, Jay Nelson, Jeff Canham and Tommy Shimko