Last week Tropical Storm Melissa hit the East Coast from New Jersey up to Nova Scotia. New York was in the middle of it all seeing two of the best days of surf to date, with peaks head to double overhead as far as the eye could see. Up the Coast Nova Scotia’s Logan Maclennan, Nico Manos, and company took advantage of the leftovers. Sheets of rain with hard winds made it tricky, but who’s complaining about over headsets with the odd cave. Scroll down for a recap of long days paddling through the storm.

Photos: Kyler Vos

Line ups for days.
Long rides. Long Paddles.
Logan Maclennan, tube hunting with his mackerel step up.
Logan finding some cover on one of his many sessions through out the swell.
Chewing the fat with Logan, between sets.
Turning and burning by Nico Manos.
moustache ride?
Glassy unridden bowl.
Florida-Based Peter Mendina finding his way in the great white north.
Windy with a side of rain.
Logan Maclennan.
Lay up tube by Nico Manos.
Cow Bays Neal Durling finding cover down the line.
Lefts on lefts.
Clean lines with unknown surfer.
Peter Mendina.
From the Bottom.
To the top. Nico Manos
Nico Manos.
Third session stoke with Logan Maclennan.
Unknown surfer amongst the crowd.
Coastal Contrast.
Peter Mendina.
All systems go with Logan’s Mackerel.