It all began in America, and just as quickly as a packet of raw instant noodles can bring unrestricted joy,we were relishing in the timeless Californian golden sun.

From there, the trip continued as a swift tour around part of the Earth, and we peeked in on some of the magnificent places to enjoy the ocean. In San Clemente, I ate the best bean burrito at El Mariachi. The children were categorically thrilled to be sliding around in the water at the Stoke-O-Rama, and their buzzing, happy atmosphere was positively infectious.

In Puerto Rico, the days whizzed by in a greasy smother, as a giant banana cloud emerged out of the ocean. We left before the other bananas became completely crazed with terror, and took cover in the enormous city of New York. It was a hot day there, and our belongings felt heavy. I was also pleased to discover that the buildings were tall, the trains were fast, and the people smiled back.

Upon first glance, the Basque Country appeared, to me, to be a fair bit like BC. Green was the overall finish, and the sand banks were not ideal. My dear friend Tessa and I both managed to crush some bones within ten minutes of each other during out first surf. For this laughable reason, the expedition became, at once, an inescapable opportunity to sample many small, and salty fish on top of bountiful loafs of bread, and also to crawl and hop around in the smooth French sand. Below are some photographs of a few things and places that I observed while in transit.


Hanna Scott / Words