Bryanna Bradley Photography

The tenth annual Queen of the Peak hit the shores of Cox Bay over the past weekend. The weather, conditions, and athletes did not disappoint tipping the scales of years past. The four categories paddled through some large sets to qualify themselves to Sunday’s final day. Reflecting on the history of Queen of the Peak, ten years is a long time and has sculpted Canadian women’s surfing drastically. The youth have risen, pushing the Princesses of 2009, Mathea Olin to the top of the podium in this year’s Pro division. Over the decade of competition, the event has brought females from far and wide across North America with names such as Sara Taylor, Leah Dawson, and Mele Saile helping put Tofino and the Queen of the Peak as a worldwide go-to event.
A huge Congratulations to the true Queen of it all, Krissy Montgomery, the organizers, and volunteers for another successful year of keeping the stoke alive on the West coast. Below Bryanna Bradley, the Queen of Canada’s surf photography has shared a fantastic recap of the weekend’s event from on the beach and in the water.

Results: 2019 Queen of the Peak

Bryanna Bradley Photography


  1. Mathea Olin (Tofino)

  2. Bethany Zelasko (California)

  3. Sanoa Olin (Tofino)

  4. Leah Dawson (Florida/Hawaii)

Bryanna Bradley Photography


  1. Leah Dawson (Florida/Hawaii)

  2. Mathea Olin (Tofino)

  3. Kristy Murphy (Mexico/Costa Rica/Hawaii)

  4. Sanoa Olin (Tofino)

Bryanna Bradley Photography

Princess of the Peak

  1. Keanna Hasz

  2. Aqua Bruhwiler

  3. Serena Porter

  4. Chloe Platenius

Bryanna Bradley Photography


  1. Catherine Bruhwiler

  2. Tammy Shymko

  3. Lou Rodgers

  4. Shandy Kariatsumari

  5. Kate Orford

  6. Nicole Gerhbrant

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