“I developed my own program by taking the best of what I have learned and adapting it.”

Words: Rebecca Bradshaw.

Sally Fitzgibbons first qualified for the WSL Championship tour in 2009 at the age of 17. Since then, she has consistently been at the top of the pack and currently holds 2nd place on tour. She has won multiple events but hasn’t gotten her hands on a Championship Tour title yet. This Australian native has been credited as one of the most athletic women on tour, which is clearly justified through her power and determination in competition. How many people say can they dominated over the best surfers in the world at Cloudbreak in Fiji with a perforating eardrum? Sally can.

In 2015 Sally shocked the surfing community when she parted ways with her major sponsor, Roxy. There were whispers that she was going to start her own brand and has since launched the fitness app, ‘All Australian Beach Body’, where users are offered a 12-week home or gym-based program.

Sally says that the “All Australian Beach Body” is the backbone of her business at Fitzgibbons International and that it developed after years of training in various sports. “I developed my own program by taking the best of what I have learned, and adapting it for surfing and general health and fitness,” she explains.

At the end of each year on tour, Sally sets a challenge for herself. “In the past, I have done adventure races or surfed in cold locations like Nova Scotia.”


As a Canadian, it is always exciting to hear a professional surfer talk about a Canadian break because it so rarely happens. “What a wild experience. It was insane surfing water that cold and you got that sense of anticipation as you walked past frozen puddles that the surf was going to be something different. I was in awe of all the local surfers that brave freezing temperatures every time they go surfing. I loved the beauty of Nova Scotia coupled with the painfully freezing water temps and the fun adventurous energy of chasing a swell somewhere I had never surfed before. I would for sure do it again.”

Sally was in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia as well as another secret spot in NS to film the last few scenes of her 2014 surf film, Behind the Smile. So how did Nova Scotia compare to the world-class breaks she surfs regularly?

“This trip was beyond my dreams. I’m standing in the snow with my board ready to paddle out. There was barely a sound other than the surf lapping along the rocks on the shore. I can’t feel my feet, hands or face and I’m blown away that I’m even standing on the icy shores of Nova Scotia. It’s one of the things I love most about the sport of surfing, it takes you well off the beaten track at times and lets you explore and adventure to all corners of the globe. I loved every minute of this painfully cold experience and connecting with the ocean on another level. Getting your wetsuit off after a surf in Nova Scotia is a very painful awakening but that’s all part of the fun.”