A huge shout out to Ripcurl and everyone who helped out over the weekend to make the 10th annual Ripcurl Pro such a great success! From organizers to judges, your hard work is very much appreciated.

The 10th annual Rip Curl Pro Tofino is complete. Canadian National and Rip Curl Pro champions were crowned over the weekend, as $10,000 in prize money was awarded. It was a gorgeous weekend down at Cox Bay, as clean and fun chest high conditions were on offer throughout the event. Cox bay was packed! Without a parking spot in sight, it seemed the entire town came down to cheer on the local surfers on finals day, to finish off an overall amazing weekend.


Beach vibes. ©KylerVos

In the premiere, Pro Men’s division the event supported a man-on-man format for the first time ever. In a tightly fought semi-final, 6-time RC Pro Tofino champion, Peter Devries, defeated last year’s event winner Noah Wegrich. On the other side of the draw the in-form surfer of the event, Californian Kevin Schulz, defeated today’s 18/U Canadian National Champ Sean Forrester. It was a perfect matchup leading into the 25-minute final. Devries opened up with numerous quality rides, but it was Schulz who dropped the highest score of the final, 7.6, for a critical front-side combo and took the lead heading into the final moments. With only seconds remaining and needing a 7.17 Devries utilized priority and pulled off dramatic air reverse but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough as the judges scored a 7.07.

Pro champion, Shultz, went on to describe his event strategy: “I came up here with the intention of surfing some heats, and put it in my mind to come up and win, as well as have fun. I think that’s really important in surfing. The whole time I kept my head down and did what I needed to do to make heats, and in the end I came out on top. It feels really good.”

He went on to describe where this win fits in his surfing career, “This is the biggest win I’ve ever had, especially an event with an international field. This is a big scale contest and the biggest win of my life.”


2016 Ripcurl Pro’s Champion Kevin Schulz ©KylerVos


Kevin Schulz spinning for the win. ©MarcusPaladino


Beach banter ©KylerVos


Tofino’s Kalum Temple, Michael Darling, and Noah Cohen heading out for their quarterfinal heat. ©KylerVos


Tofino’s Kalum Temple snapping his way to take first place in his quarterfinal heat. ©KylerVos


Kevin Shulz was a huge stand out though out the weekend, here you see him attacking the small semi-final conditions. ©KylerVos


6-time Ripcurl pro champion Peter Devries making the most of the conditions in his semi-final heat. ©KylerVos


Noah Wegrich fins free to the semi-finals. ©KylerVos


Water spider displacing water in his quarterfinal. ©KylerVos


12 o’clock with Dane Anderson. ©LucasMurnaghan

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 4.11.34 PM

Sean Forrester taking the U/18 Canadian national championship title. ©LucasMurnaghan


Sean getting a well-deserved shoulder ride up the beach. ©LucasMurnaghan


Forrester taking advantage of the small wave size with his speed and spicy surfing. ©LucasMurnaghan

In the Women’s Pro/Am, the 13-year-old phenom, Mathea Olin took home $1,500 after defeating Tamara Stephan’s and Steph Whightman, to keep her winning streak alive after winning the Girl’s 16/U final. Mathea’s younger sister, Sanoa Olin followed in her footsteps taking home the Girl’s 12/ U final, making a huge statement for the future of women’s surfing in Canada.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 2.48.37 PM

Pro/Am Women’s podium. ©LucasMurnaghan


Mathea, snapping her way to her first place finish in the women’s pro/am division. ©LucasMurnaghan


Sanoa Olin setting up for her 1st place finish in the Girls U/12 division.

3-time WSL World Champion, Tom Curren, was another winner today as he took the Masters 50+ division title. Curren was a real treat for the local fans that came down to view the event. Curren described his time at the Rip Curl Pro, “The event was great, it was very enjoyable experience, and to top it off the people of Canada are extremely nice and friendly.”




Toms DIY Magic Carpet


Tom Curren leading the way in the in the Masters Division. ©LucasMurnaghan

In other division winners include; Noah Wegrich taking home some extra cash in the (Expression Session), Freddy Sanford was a huge stand out taking the (Open Men’s) and (Boys U/16) national titles. Ben Murphy took the (Masters 35+), Sean Forrester traveled up from Costa Rica to take home the (Boy’s U/18). Robbie Ferguson stepped his was to the top of (Men’s Longboard) podium, alongside Leah Oke in the (Women’s Longboard) division.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.03.12 PM

Expression Session Podium. ©LucasMurnaghan


Noah (Waggy) Wegrich going bottoms up in the Ripcurls expression session. ©LiamMacDonold

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 2.48.50 PM

Open men’s Podium ©LucasMurnaghan


Freddie catching a ride all the way to the podium. ©KylerVos


Freddie off the top. ©LucasMurnaghan

Ripcurl-Tofino-Joao Pedro Belfort-3

Open Men’s second place finisher Joao Pedro Belfort. ©KylerVos

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.02.26 PM

Tom Curren handing out the Men’s U/35 trophy to Ben Murphy.©LucasMurnaghan

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 4.10.07 PM

Men’s Longboard Podium. ©LucasMurnaghan


Toes on the noes performed but Duke Morgan. ©Keenanbush


Robbie Ferguson finishing his heat with a cheeky five all the way to the beach. ©MarcusPaladino


Second place finisher Heath Thompson shedding some speed. ©MarcusPaladino

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 4.17.14 PM

Women’s packed and friendly podium. ©LucasMurnaghan

20160529-IMG_5739   Line up of the Women’s final. ©MarcusPaladinoRipcurl-Tofino-MO-1

Mathea Olin cross steps her way to a second-place finish. ©KylerVos


Surf Sister’s Steph Wightman above and below. ©KylerVos



South islands own Leah Oke taking first place in the Women’s longboard division. ©Kyler Vos


Sherrie Houghton’s above and below.


High Fives all weekend. ©MarcusPaladino

The Rip Curl Pro would like to thank the local Tofino community for its hospitality and allowing the event to run at Cox Bay for its 10th consecutive year. Till next year, Au Revoir!

Complete Results from the Final Day of the Rip Curl Pro Tofino

Men’s Pro Final

1st: Kevin Schulz (14.40) $5,000
2nd: Peter Devries (14.30) $1,500
Equal 3rd: Noah Wegrich $800
Equal 3rd: Sean Forrester $600
Equal 5th: Sepp Bruhwiler $200
Equal 5th: Kalum Temple $200
Equal 7th: Dane Anderson $100
Equal 7th: Michael Darling $100

Women’s Pro/Am Final

1st: Mathea Olin (13.66) $1,500
2nd: Tamarah Stephens (9.00) $600
3rd: Steph Wightman (8.50) $250
4th: Leah Oke (7.50) $150

Monster Expression Session

Winner: Noah Wegrich (air reverse) $1,000

Open Men’s Final

1st: Freddy Sanford (13.83)
2nd: Joao Pedro Belfort (9.00)
3rd: Sebastian Duque (8.16)
4th: Garrett Holt (8.16)

Master 35+ Final

1st: Ben Murphy (10.50)
2nd: Greg Urata (9.83)
3rd: Steven Klaunezr (9.00)
4th: Guternberg Da Cunha (8.10)
5th: Jeremy Sheppard (5.93)
6th: Asia Dryden (4.43)

Legends 50+ Final

1st: Tom Curren (15.67)
2nd: Mike Redpath (10.17)
3rd: Tony Redpath (9.34)
4th: Ben Cockcroft (8.67)
5th: Harold Sadler (7.50)

Boy’s 18/U Final

1st: Sean Forrester (14.67)
2nd: Kalum Temple (11.84)
3rd: Jordan Gibson (11.34)
4th: Max Self (11.00)

Longboard Men’s

1st: Robbie Ferguson (13.00) $500
2nd: Heath Thompson (11.67) $250
3rd: Duke Morgan (11.33) $150
4th: Darren Lundquist (9.26) $100
5th: Guto Dacunha (7.67)
6th: Kaiwi Berry (7.34)

Longboard Women’s:

1st: Leah Oke (11.66) $300
2nd : Mathea Olin (10.84) $150
3rd : Sherrie Houghton (10.66) $100
4th: Kate Prothero (10.50) $50
5th: Steph Wightman (9.33)
6th: Emily Ballard (6.67)

Official National Champions (highest placing Canadian surfers)

Peter Devries (Pro Men’s)
Mathea Olin (Women’s Pro/Am)
Leah Oke (Longboard Women’s)
Heath Thompson (Longboard Men’s)
Sean Forrester (Boy’s 18/U)
Ben Murphy (Masters 35+)
Mike Redpath (Legends 50+)
Freddy Sanford (Open Men’s)
Reed Platenius (Boys 12/U)
Sanoa Olin (Girls 12/U)
Freddy Sanford (Boys 16/U)
Mathea Olin (Girls 16/U)


Thanks to all the contributing photographers shooting over the weekend.

©MarcusPaladino ©LucasMurnaghan ©LiamMacdonald ©Keenanbush