Attention West Coasters, this Thursday, March 15th, the ‘Perilous Sea‘ will be screening at the Tofino Brewery at 7:00 PM. We invite you to come down and share a cold pint and watch  Mike Bromley and Ryan Meichtry’s cold water film. With limited seating, we advise you all to come early!

The Perilous Sea Article in our last issue V.11 –  SbcSurf 11.1_PerilousSea 04

For more information on the film, Click Here.

Perilous Sea” is a transcontinental cold water surfing odyssey capturing the raw spirit, glorious landscapes and pure perfection that arises when conditions align creating moments of cold water nirvana that rival any across the globe.

Inspired by the storytelling style of classic ocean-fairing novels. Perilous Sea follows a group of surfers as they explore the landscapes and waves of the North Atlantic fringes, from the Canadian Maritimes, north to Iceland and beyond to the wave-rich coast of Ireland.

The film has been an official selection at the following with additional screenings on the East Coast of the U.S, Toronto, Montreal and upcoming shows in France, New Zealand, Japan and California. 

 London Surf Film Festival

Paris Surf and Skateboard Film Festival

Florida Surf Film Festival  – **Winner of Best Short Film and Best Cinematography**

Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival

Aotearoa Surf Film Festival

The Greenroom Festival

Brest Surf Film Festival