A new edit from the sand banks of Southern France, featuring the always energetic and witty fellow, Noah Cohen. Now, don’t let the title (France Vignette) deter you from watching, as this edit is far from our previous lifestyle pieces, sipping wines and snapping Instagrams through the streets of Bayonne. This edit is all action! Check out the video above coupled with the quick Q&A below from Noah’s time spent surfing the french banks of France.

How did this trip come about?

Adam Chilton wanted to sip fine espresso somewhere exotic, so he roped Peter, Marcus, and I into a jaunt to the South of France.

Where in France did you go?

We flew into Bilbao, in northern Spain, then drove about an hour and a half into France. We ended up staying in a sweet house right on the beach at La Graviére, Hossegor.

How was the lineup hustle in the water?

Since we went a couple of months after the high season ( late October-early November). I was expecting it to be quite mellow. In fact, it as still kind of busy, and we also timed the trip perfectly with a week-long French holiday coupled with a SUP contest, so that didn’t help our cause.

How is the wave accessibility from beach to beach?

In the little stretch from Hossegor northwards that we frequented, it was super easy just drive up and surf in front of most parking lot on most occasions. That’s why it was so busy, though, haha. There are tons of little-uncrowded banks up, and down the French coast, though, it’s just so fickle regarding tides and conditions, that being in the right place at the right time is a real trick

Being such a fickle area, what did you guys get up to on lay days?

We didn’t experience too many lay days in all honesty. I think the one day that we didn’t surf was just a huge and stormy, so we drove around and looked at a bunch of sweet spots, and cruised through the city of Bayonne playing tourist for the afternoon.

Last question, what was your favorite food and drink on the trip?

I was on a heavy meat and cheese diet, washed down with a glass (or 7) of the cheapest red. Protein and fruit whats not to love?

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