The white lighting is at it again, proving #thesearch is still alive and well. Check out Rip Curls latest episode of #thesearch following 3X world champion, Mick Fanning score what could be the best sand bottom right point in the world.

What if I told you there was an unknown sand-bottom right that is five kilometers long, breaks 20 meters off the beach, holds six foot of swell and has only been surfed by four people on the entire planet?

Would you believe me?

What if good-ol’-having-a-year-off-Mick Fanning was one of those surfers, and he told you that this wave had him haulin’ arse like an F1 driver down a strip of sand that never seemed to end.

Would you believe him?

This ain’t no friggin’ wave pool! This is the real world. This is The Snake.

“Surfing it by myself was hard because I couldn’t set lines off other people,” said Mick. “Usually, there are 1000 guys at Snapper and you see it coming all the way through them. I missed some waves paddling down the line instead of paddling in at the beach because of that and I felt like a beginner all over again.”

“I was freaking out at first,” said Mick. “I was pumping through the tube just going peddle to the metal and I couldn’t make one. And then I got my groove on and sometimes I was on the foam ball flying; and other times just when I thought I would stall it hit the bank and took off and I would have to go top gear again to keep up.”

“There’s only maybe five goofies in the world I could think of who would be able to surf it properly. You need to be a really good tube rider to enjoy everything it’s got. You have to be able to glance ahead from inside the tube and decide to put the pie in the oven and slow up or hit the gas and pump through. After the first couple I thought, Wow, maybe this wave is just tooo fast.”

This ain’t no fucking wave pool! This is the real world. This is The Snake!

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