A desolate land emptied of everything but dust and sand. For decades many thought it led to nowhere… but things have changed. If you’re willing to risk the perils of the journey, you will find yourself facing a wave that barrels down the line at freight train speeds, folding into the shallow sand bank with more force than imaginable. It is a dream to say the least. But like many things, it’s beauty can be deceiving. This is not a place you will walk away from feeling confident about your skills in the surf. It is a place that is ruled by the ocean.
Join Louie Hynd, Tim Bisso and Gearoid McDaid on their journey to find this wave, and conquer it, in Episode 21 of #TheSearch.
“You look at it and you see these visions of you riding inside the barrel having the best time of your life. But ten seconds later the barrel has doubled up below sea level, and you are trapped in a nightmare on a dry sand bottom. This wave will take you down, like a roller coaster into the darkness.” – Tim Bisso
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