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Over the past month, you may have seen a short video with a streetcar, some pigeons, and a surfer playing on various artists and athletes Instagram stories. Much like ourselves you probably wondered what the hell is Danké? What do they do? Who is apart of it? So to get to the bottom of it, we sent them some questions to uncover the truth. Scroll down for the full Danké scoop. What is Danke? It’s open to interpretation. It’s a crew. Made up of like-minded artists & friends. We have similar interests and ideas, this is the outlet for them...

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The Seawolf // On iTunes

THE SEAWOLF is now available on iTunes, click HERE for a direct link to buy the film. In the instant-gratification world that we are all living in, there is a select group of individuals who look further than the nightly scroll and hone their skill into a bigger picture. Setting aside many hours, weeks, months, or in this case years into making a passion project come to life. Ben Gulliver is the creator of “The Seawolf,” who not only filmed and edited the movie, he made the entire soundtrack with help from Greg Bevis, which was recently released as the “The...

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ON + ON // Volume 3

Volume 3 of  On + On,  is a tribute to Taj Burrow’s section in Taylor Steels film “Untitled,” says Pete. “The section that got me in the water Regardless of the conditions.” A quote that could be said by every surfer nation wide after viewing Vol 3 of his web series. Watch it for yourself, as Pete tears apart his favourite local beach break. Video by Adam Chilton...

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Perilous Sea Film // Tofino Screening

 Attention West Coasters, this Thursday, March 15th, the ‘Perilous Sea‘ will be screening at the Tofino Brewery at 7:00 PM. We invite you to come down and share a cold pint and watch  Mike Bromley and Ryan Meichtry’s cold water film. With limited seating, we advise you all to come early! The Perilous Sea Article in our last issue V.11 –  SbcSurf 11.1_PerilousSea 04 For more information on the film, Click Here. “Perilous Sea” is a transcontinental cold water surfing odyssey capturing the raw spirit, glorious landscapes and pure perfection that arises when conditions align creating moments of cold water nirvana...

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Nor’easter Riley // Nova Scotia

Nor’easter Riley produced XL hurricane sized swell along the entire Eastern Seaboard this week, from Nova Scotia to the Southern Caribbean. Logan Landry reported the Lahave Bank Buoy peaked at 2am Sunday, reading 33.8 feet @ 15 sec. Most of the premier points and reefs were maxed out. Logan said, “We had to do a lot of driving, looking for shelter, and surfed spots that maybe break a few times a year”. Many costal towns and roads were closed due to flooding and storm surge. Photo’s Scotty Sherin – Follow @scottysherin Logan Landry. Logan...

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